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By kink-wink87
HI Littles,
I'm very new to being Daddy's little girl, we have alot of fun games but I am having issues relating to all of them.
Also I am not very in touch with my inner child and I'm questioning if I even have one. Maybe you have some ideas
to help me define my little girl so I can play happily with Daddy. I fear if he doesn't feel like Daddy more often then he
might lose interest, sounds dumb but I know this is important to him. Thanks for hearing me out looking forward to your responses.
kink-wink87 :)
By pacidlittleone
I'm also a newbie, but maybe think back to what you enjoyed when you were younger. You could start with that and explore from there. For me, just learning more about how other people interacted, what they like to do, and what they like to wear helped me feel out my own desires
By JuneStar
I think a good plan is to find a couple of small things that you really enjoy and build off of them. They could be very simple at first--like a children's movie or animated show that you like and could watch somewhat often (like once a week or more). It might help you relax and feel more carefree in other activities like coloring, drawing, crafting, playing dress up, having snacks or drinks from children's ware or sippy cups, etc.

Also, try playing fun songs when you're trying new things out. Sometimes ambiance helps when trying to enjoy new things.

Also, I highly recommend you let your Daddy know that you're worried about him losing interest if you're not little enough or often. By telling him, you're letting him know about your insecurities so that he can take care of you better. He can help encourage you in other ways then and reinforce that he loves you for you--and not necessarily only because you are his little girl.

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