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By onlycurious
If you're into ddlg then what makes you a little? What do you do when you're in littlespace that's different than your normal adult self? What makes a person a little? How does a little act? Serious questions.
By lilmonster
well for me its not an "act." I have a part of me that feels like a little girl my age range is 5-10 depending on how i feel that day. At my youngest i love sippy cups, cuddles, and sucking on my thumb or Daddies thumb. No matter what age I am I love my stuffie, my blankie, to dance around, and calling sex "play time with Daddy." I feel like a lot of little have these same likes or very similar.When Im my adult self I am more to myself and less giggly like right now. Being an adult is no funs xc. As for how a little acts.. there are many different types. There are babbygirl/boys, littles, and brats and that all depends on your age range. Babys act from infant up to 4 in most cases. Littles can range from 4 to 10 so they act like little kids. Then brats are a bit older they range from 10 to 17 i think. They could go older but they are more self sufficient so they can be a bit more defiant. I hope this helps ^.^ hehe
By Rabbitt369
I'm the same way I'm a little and it changes day to day I always love my minions cuppy even on adult days. I am VERY needy when I'm in my little space I have to have snuggles and hugs and kisses and attention and told what a good girl I am but when I'm not I'm very independent and I think I confuse daddy's when I chat with them. I think I found one that gets me but he lives overseas so I don't get the physical attention i need I'm not sure how to find a good daddy..
By LilxkittenxAbby
Yeah, my age ranges from day to day. Some days I'll want my daddy to do everything for me from getting me dressed to preparing my food. Others I'll just wanna play with daddy and cuddle and watch movies with my stuffie and blankie. Regardless of my little age, when I'm in my little space I have to be in constant contact with my daddy and I love attention. I'll just be more mature some days and other days not so much.
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