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By JuneStar
What are things or ways you like to be rewarded? Or, maybe, things or ways you wish you were rewarded when you've done a good job (made your Caregiver happy, followed rules, behaved, etc)?
By lilmonster
My Daddy rewards me with ice cream a lot. I LOVE ICE CREAM! hehe
Also my Daddy rewards me with the things I like at play time like being tied up or letting me whipcream cx. restraints is my favorite at play time cause it MAKES me trust my Daddy. Also my little side likes feeling helpless so Daddy can take care of me and thats why restraints it so wonderful. Daddy said i will get rewarded with new toys latter on like stuffies, vibrates, sippy cups, collars, and pet dress up things. When i do small good things like obeying or saying something he likes i get rewarded with lots of kisses and snuggles ^.^

I have only just gotten into this lifestyle and ive been more bad then good. I'm sorry I dont have more rewards to share xP
By PrincessPetals
My Daddy rewards me with cuddles since I get super needy when I'm in littlespace and need lots of reassurance when I'm being good. I like it best when Daddy says we can have a nap together in the afternoon and we get into bed and Daddy snuggles me and my teddies, that's a good reward. Daddy also buys me little treats like my favourite chocolate bar or cookies if I'm a good girl. if I'm really really good then he will buy me a toy, like a new teddy or a dolly. We currently have a reward chart that we are working on, and it's helping to train me for being officially collared by Daddy ^_^ I get stickers for each day I'm good and each sticker is worth 50p towards something I want, so I'm currently working towards buying this giant marshmallow: ... avs_view_6 :D These are just some of the ways Daddy rewards me, there are lots more hehe ^_^
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