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I have a deep fear that a family member will somehow stumble onto my ageplay interest. I call my partner Daddy, I have plenty of stuffed animals, I use pacifiers and sippy cups at home, and I have a tendency to be, well, childish. I worry sometimes that somehow I'm going to accidentally be outed and a family member will know.

How would I explain what Ddlg is to someone who is, as far as I'd be aware, completely vanilla?

Would I just use the basic: Some people use drugs, some people drink alcohol, some people have affairs. I watch cartoons, color in coloring books, and just goof off to cope with being an adult and adult responsibilities. That's all.

Do you think that'd probably stave off questions that could be embarrassing? I'm not sure. I saw that someone suggested saying that before and I think maybe it'd help a little but I don't think it'd be a full answer to get someone to back off if they were questioning it. Ideas?
My family are really weird about anything not 'vanilla', so I'm always scared that my parents will find out about mine and Daddy's relationship, especially since we are staying with them at the moment. I think if they did find out I'd probably try to come at it from a BDSM perspective and try to explain that it's a consensual power exchange between my partner, the dominant, and me, the submissive. I'd explain that it isn't anything pedophilic and since it is consensual between me and my partner who are both of legal age and is something we practice in private it is completely fine for us to do so and is something that helps us to bond as a couple. I think it's important to stress that it is a consensual power exchange, is a completely legal and innocent interest and isn't related to the biological father figure, even if it takes the form of a Daddy/daughter relationship sometimes.

I know my Daddy's mum has an inkling of what Daddy and I are into since she asked him if I was a little girl (although as far as we are aware she doesn't know about DD/lg). She's also caught me in a strop sometimes when Daddy has asked me to do something I didn't want to do and I've misbehaved. To be completely honest though, I think some parents who are very close to their children have a gut feeling about these things, like Daddy's mum does. In my experience, a lot of people I've worked with/known in the past (in a purely vanilla, non-sexual way) have said I seem to be very submissive, so I think these things just come across in our personalities sometimes.

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