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By onlycurious
I was looking at old profiles on livejournal and saw the term Daddy/daughter ageplay and Daddy/daughter roleplay used a lot. Is that the SAME as Ddlg? I mean, Ddlg means Daddy Dominant/little girl and it sounds like maybe it's the same thing but I'm not really sure?? I'm curious though. Some of their community groups for ageplay list this Daddy/daughter thing out and I don't want to end up in the WRONG type of place, if you know what i mean.
By JuneStar
Generally...yes, that's what they mean.

I know that when I was 16-ish and was incorrectly diving into the internet world of sex (and BDSM) it was the term that was used to explain this adult interest. Daddy Dominant/little girl didn't quite exist yet at that time. It is somewhat a recent term (within the past decade) but is clearly understood.

When I used LiveJournal then my profile had the Daddy/daughter ageplay interest on it (as well as incest roleplay and ageplay). Ddlg just wasn't there yet. It developed because Daddy/daughter roleplay was being misunderstood for actual incest and it was causing some negative notations.

I'd say that if you join a community for Daddy/daughter play then you'll be around Ddlg folks. No worries.
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