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By Rainabow
Hi everyone!

My daddy and I were talking about adult interests the other night, and as we grew into our D/s relationship together, we're each others only experiences. He asked me to explain the difference between a Daddy, a Master and a Sir. I thought I could I explain it but I could not :(

So what does everyone say about comparing them?
By 6479865123168532
For the most part titles are just chosen titles I think. I mean SIr and Master would be more BDSM related than Daddy but a person isn't restricted to just calling their Big a certain name. If you want to go by the stereotypical idea of what they are then:

Daddies - are more gentler, more protective, more guiding, and less physically punishing. The idea is that the little is relying on the Daddy due to his role as being their caregiver--he is trusted because he is just naturally in charge of that person and wants the best for him. Daddies are not necessarily BDSM!

Masters - are more firmer, are less corrective and more physical kink, and may 'punish' for no real cause. The idea in a scene is that the submissive is submitting to the Master because he is demanding it, may be forceful about it, and likely because the submissive is owned (as in "property of") by the Master.. "Masters" are part of BDSM scenes.

Sirs - are less physical but have more presence about them, may be unattached emotionally to the partner, and may always maintain gentlemanly appearances (think: suit, tie, intelligent). The idea in a scene is that the submissive is submitting to the Sir because he has such a strong dominant presence about him that it is compelling to do as he wishes. Sirs are part of BDSM scenes.

Do these always relate though? Absolutely not. A lot of times it is boiling down to preference. Does your Dominant like to be called Daddy? Master? Sir? King? Prince? Lord? God? What do you like to call your Dominant? If you're not a part of BDSM then maybe consider something softer and unrelated to these sexual scenes and situations. CGL is not part of BDSM.

Titles are just titles though ultimately. Choose what you both agree on to be best sounding and what pleases you both most.

Titles can also fluctuate too so you can always change this stuff up. Sometimes people have multiple titles. Sometimes titles change based on what type of scene is going on.

Talk about what you feel each title brings to your mind. Ask him what each title brings to his mind. Feel through the titles until one sticks out as the best one for your particular dominant.

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