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By Elvie
I'm not a con person in general but I've always wondered how CAPcon and similar events play out IRL. I've watched a few videos from attendees and everyone seemed very kind and friendly. But given how hush-hush things are kept about them (understandably so!) it's hard to get a feel for what they're like, so I thought I'd ask. I'd love to go, for the people-watching if nothing else (I'm pretty shy so I don't talk to new people a lot but being around them is still fun), but I just can't justify spending the money.
I’ve never gone to a Little specific con, but I have attended some BeDeeSeM conferences in person and online. The organizers want everyone to have a good experience so bad behavior isn’t tolerated. Most folks are friendly (except maybe the shy ones like me) but everyone I’ve interacted with as kind & helpful. I really like attending classes and learning new things. Walking through the vendor area is fun, seeing all the various toys and equipment.
I evaluate a conference by the classes I’m interested in. But they often have meet & greets, and other social activities scheduled. The cons I’ve attended were under $100 but price probably depends on location and duration. If you attend a munch you could ask there about cons near you.
I have considered going to CAPcon someday. I am only one state over, but it might still cost me a great deal to get there, plus I'm not THAT deep into the little stuff. I more closely identify as a Middle. Still, if I stay as lonely as I am now for the next few years, I would probably go just to meet people in person since I believe that I would make friends faster that way and I love making friends.
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