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I dunno where to put this so if it needs to be moved then the mods can move it.

But I was wondering two things. I don't know if they go together but it's better than making two different posts for it I think.

My first question is, has anyone experienced perma-regression? I learned about it on Tumblr from someone I follow and I kind of started to wonder if maybe there's a part of me that's like that too? If you guys have experienced perma-regression before what's it like? Is it different for everyone? How do you know that you might be perma-regressed? I don't know if mine actually kinna counts cause it kinna just happens but yeahh....

Also, is it weird for people to like, be physically intimate in their regression? I probably asked this a lonngggg time ago but it's been forever. And then, everytime I bring it up... people online are like, "That's not age regression that's daddy dom/little girl" and it kind of... irks me a little bit? It sounds like a really annoying booty excuse to make it hella safe or to like... I don't know... isolate people who have that with their regression? I don't know...

Someone explained to me WHY people would say that but that's more like for posting on Tumblr or something I feel or I dunno.... because Tumblr people make it really safe and the person was like, "It'd be weird for a teenager to be excited posting on main" and I kinna get it but still.
I can only give you my experience and opinion as a little, but.

The idea of permanent regression would be really unhealthy and a sign that they would probably need to seek professional help. Regression is ultimately a tool to help cope with stress, but it's not something I think that can healthily, nor sustainably be on all the time, as a little is still ultimately an adult, with responsibilities and a life, and would likely strain all relationships around them, having to accommodate which would be fairly selfish.

In short being a little is a nice break, to help deal with your life, but it cannot be your life.

Physical intimacy while regressed isn't weird at all, a little and caregiver dynamic are ultimately a relationship. Some are intimate, some aren't. I think people like to correct that because of ignorance of the nuance, and the overlap in concepts of ageplay/roleplay, and regression.
Ahhhh okay. Yeeaah seee? I kinna saw it on tumblr and was like, wait... isn't that kinna unhealthy? How do you even cope? Cause I heard it was and there was even a post saying that it COULD be and I was like, *tilts head confused* If you KNOW it's an unhealthy thing then how?

Also I'm glad it's not weird to be physically intimate with age regression but it just gets so annoying when people are like, "Ewww you're not a regressor because you have sex!" and blah blah blah. So annoyingly frustrating.
Being permanently regressed would be literally impossible. Even people living the little lifestyle 24/7 drive cars, have jobs, drink coffee/alcohol/gfuel, do adult things.

There's a weird pissing contest that goes on with a certain subgroup of littles where everyone competes to be the most "truly" little. The ones who claim they can't help being little at all times, get horribly offended when people don't indulge them and insist they take accountability for their crap, etc.

I understand the concept of "permanent" regression in the sense that I always am a little. There's always part of me that's bored in housewares and wants to check out the toy aisle. There's always part of me that would rather watch Sesame Street than the news. I don't need to be in any kind of regression state, this is just how I am.

But it's not healthy to expect or want to be rolling around on the floor watching Cocomelon and sucking a pacifier all day every day. It's absurd to expect a partner to indulge you in this.

This mindset is way more common in younger people for whatever reason.

And there's nothing wrong with adult intimacy being part of your little life. It's a personal choice, it works for some people but not others. Honestly it's frustrating to be told "you can't interact with my tumblr because you're into kink and don't condemn ddlg" (I'm not into it myself but I support those who are). Like god I just want to look at cute pictures online. It's all about virtue signaling and feeling superior. Just ignore people like that.
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