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By NewDaddyDom
Hello, I am new to this topic, and my girlfriend is a little. She's directed me to a Daddy/Dominant role in her life and has tried to give me tips about what she wants from me. I'm new to this and it doesn't come naturally to me, but it is fun and I'm coming along. She tells me she wants me to control aspects of her life (mostly physically intimate) by giving explicit directions to her. She is uncomfortable with receiving pleasure, but desperately wants to give it. She wants me to discipline her when she doesn't comply with my orders.

I guess my uncertainty is around where the boundary is. She doesn't like to break "character" and doesn't like to walk me through exactly what to do. I just don't want to overstep and make her do something uncomfortable to her but she does it anyway because of the power dynamic.

Does anyone have suggestions about what to do, safe things to try. We're both older (40s) if that makes a difference. Right now all we've done is I bought her candy she likes and she's rewarded when she is good. She's been paddled a few times when she refuses an order, which she loves.
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By donna4xp

i'm an age regressor myself. i don't have a caregiver, but if i did i'd be happy if they did some of these things:
- write down rules. just a few things like a bed-time, strict permissions (eating sweets, going outside, watching tv - only done with the doms say so).
- write down punishments that vary depending on which rule was broken.
- picking out my clothes for the day + helping me get dressed.
- baby talk.
- constantly let her know she's being good for you (since she likes to please you)
discuss everything with her, show her the list.

for more intimate times:
- since she likes to please you, don't let her.
okay this is going to be personal but. make her watch while you do it yourself, then tell her she doesn't get to help (that you don't need her help if you want to be a little mean). eventually let her help once you're sure she's learnt her lesson.
- do research on c*** warming. :>o<: it can be a little painful for her, but will be pleasurable to you.. hopefully lol.
- not allowing her to walk (hence crawl). unless she regressor older than that... might be weird.
again. discuss with her.

hope this was at least a little helpful :bye:

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