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Okay, so before I start I am going to say, by public I mean in the vehicle. I have really bad anxiety and I get Flashbacks from trauma VERY easily. And because I'm uncomfortable sitting alone at home, I sit in the truck while my fiancée is at work.

Note: alone, at home, with his parents who I don't know very well.

So my question is, is anyone else nervous about using their Pacifers in a public setting. Like I know I will not slip. I know I'm not exactly safe at his job sight because of the people who work there. But I need something to help with my anxiety and I'm very nervous about using the only thing I have that quickly and efficiently helps my anxiety and Flashbacks.

Any thoughts, advice, or anyone else feeling this way too?
This may sound a little different but it works best for me and i want you to try it and see if it works for you.
i am unable to use my "PIE" which is pacifer in public, so what my dom and i do is use a silicone pp ring. we have a leather wrap around half of it so it doesnt look like a pp ring, it just looks like a chew toy. it helps me when i need something soft and chewable when i am driving or having a meltdown. i honestly recommend it. you can get one at any adult play stores around you. :pacy: :splode:
:hugs: Not sure how helpful this would be but if you wanted to be discreet you could always wear a facemask overtop, its more and more common to see them used everyday now, might help without raising suspicions, if you have no other options and this is what you need to help calm you down.

But I think the more important thing would be to try and address you anxieties with someone equipped to help you though them, I don't know your life so I apologies if this is presumptuous but it seems like everything you do is being impacted by this and it might help to seek a professional to work through some of your traumas.

Anyway I hope I was of some help and want you to know above all else you're safe and loved here :pinkh: :pinkh: :pinkh:
In the short term, the face mask idea is a good one. Chewelry is a possibility if that would work for you. But it sounds like you do need to work on finding other things that help with these feelings that are acceptable for adults in public. Nothing wrong with using a pacifier but it sounds like idea of using one in a public space is very uncomfortable for you, and my instinct would be to try to find something else that helps instead of trying to do the other thing discreetly.
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