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I have to regress alone. I have cptsd and isolation is something I've tried to cope with since I was 2 for trauma reasons, it is quite literally one of the catalysts for why I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and why I have littles in the first place.

The friends I was able to confide in pushed me away and one stopped talking to me. I tried to find help on a couple of the Reddits but was met with thumbs down and no help. I feel so much worse. All I asked was for activities for regressing alone.

I'm miserable and scared. I feel awful and worthless and am starting to regress into another anxiety attack. Everything is getting fuzzy and I know I'm starting to regress. It's gonna be a whole thing now. It took me 8 years to understand what was happening to me and the last 2 years to even accept and let it happen and not feel guilty/try to stop it.

Now I'm being pushed away and I just want to get rid of my littles. I hate myself. I feel so bad. I never had a mom dad who were there when i cried n everything was people not living and I wanted help. But I'm a burden I'm always in everyone's way. I wanna go away.I'm a selfish person and i wanna stop. I need friends really really bad. I dont know where to go but I think I'm not suppose to ever have friends or samilly I'm really really bad. It's all my fault. I'm really sorry I dont know where else to say things anymore. I'm running out of saef place.
It's okay. You are in a supportive and safe place. I am glad that you confided in us here. I am terribly sorry for what you have gone through. I know that it was probably not easy for you to tell us but my hope for you is that you not only find friends here but find healing as well. You are NOT a burden. You are NOT bad. There is nothing wrong with regressing but it should be a place of comfort and happiness for you. You wont be pushed away again, not here, not by this community. We are all there with you on one side or another, Caregiver or little/middle. As a CG myself, reading this broke my heart and I really wish that I could help you to be happy as you are and help you to forget or at the very least move past the pain you have gone through.

If you need to talk or need someone to reach out to, I just want you to know there is at least one person who is here for you.
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