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By Deleted User 73835
Hi! I made this account to ask this question, so I won’t be here for very long. 2 days at maximum. So I had this dream where I was a little, I had a pacifier and my hair was in pigtails. If I’m not mistaken I had a diaper on too. I don’t if this is a sign I should try littlespace or not. I’ve tried but it’s never worked, and I can’t buy the proper stuff either.
I know you said that you would likely be gone after two days but on the off chance you return I hope you see this. If you enjoyed that dream I think that you should at least try to pursue more of an experience with little space. I understand you are having trouble finding the proper stuff but if you would like to post what you are looking for I myself, and I'm sure others, would be happy to provide you with links to web pages where you may be able to find what you're looking for. I wish you the best in your experiences and I hope you find something that brings you a lot of Joy.
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