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Finn7 wrote: 3 months ago Does anyone know how to go about playing in a small, busy house with 4 people in it? I have some toys but I share a room with someone and I'm almost never home alone. Any tips?
Honestly depends on your family dynamic relationship. Meaning it depends on what your family knows about your identity. Puzzles, building materials such as legos, even moon sand (fun). i have roommate with a son which is impressionable. I still play legos and watch tv with him everyonce in a while but do activities such as drawing/coloring, gaming, or just get into that headspace zone out watching a cartoon in my room. My roommate does keep catching me staring at the kids shows that his son watches(not a unusual thing for me to do). For you it isnt going to be that easy considering you have someone with you constantly. Gotta find that middle ground with others. Or even slowly show some of your interests everyonce in a while. Bring activity you like to do later on. Maybe focus on what your family member that you share your room with.

Like i said. Your family is the key in this case. Hopes this helps. :splode:
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