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Hi 🙂

So I've only discovered about all this in the past 4/5 months and the more I'm learning the more I'm realising I'm a little.

I go into littlespace quite often but have never really realised but I'm starting to notice more as I learn if that makes sense.

It happens most when I'm sleepy just now or if I'm talking to a certain person.

Does anyone ever fight there littlespace, its the only way I can explain it. Like if I get upset or stress when big sometimes I start to regress and either just shut down or like fight it and stay big but it makes me feel weird like I can't focus?

Don't know im just being weird or if this happens to anyone else, don't really have anyone to talk to about any of this.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated xx

Thanks xx
Yeah, that happens to me sometimes at work when I'm super stressed. I do my best to stop it but then I feel like I'm pretending to adult the rest of the day until I can get home and dive into my stuffies and color or nap. I don't know of a way to make it better though. Sorry. I'm pretty new to all of this too.
Heya,LittleBat here,
Yes actually, i have to every day before, during and after my day and really find it hard to regress at night due to home life. Normally, i have a routine within my routine to help me feel smaller and regress so i can sleep. i would grab the age appropriate bottle (DD/CGs are gonna give credit for this) fil it with water and put it by my bed, so i reccomend the same, if you have additional things, you can do those too and have your s/g,CG or whatever help
Yeah I find myself doing that often. I notice my little side comes out more predominantly when I’m excited, sleepy, or stressed occasionally I notice it comes out in public which is where I try fight it becuase people scare me so when they look and judge it makes me sad and scared and all that. I don’t like hiding but sometimes it’s okay to be scared
yeah, all the time!
I regress almost every time i get stressed, and school is a common stressor for me. I almost regressed in class but had to keep it hidden so I was sitting there not being able to focus and i had to do a test and i totally bombed it lol
good luck with that, really. I know its hard but you arent struggling alone!
I do sometimes, especially when i know i have things going on after that require me to be big. I also find my daily routine has helped me go into littlespace recently, as i know when i haf the time. :paci:
Absolutely. I live with my parents still, and they have no clue. Something I found that helps is if I feel like I want to regress, is it’s easier if I regress at night as often as I can, when there’s no one else up. It makes it easier to stay out of little space during the day, and makes sure that I still get to be little.
When I'm at work I regress with various triggers and some of which I don't even recognize but adult me got into this job so I don't have to hide so much and work alone with music(love to dance with it). Easier to hide when I regress accidentally. However I have to hide from roommate and that sometimes is hard with him home. I find headphones help. That or I'm too tired to care😅. Focusing on a particular activity(coloring, drawing, puzzles, tv show, etc....) may help you regress. Everyone has different ways to do so though. If you involuntarily regress like me. It may be easier for you to regress and stay regressed longer. I hopes this helps :paci:

Ps: check this resource section
Main: viewforum.php?f=88
Helpful link?:
Tips to getting into Littlespace:
Wish you luck 🤞
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