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By daddymusprime
Heya, so much attention is put on what littles wear for dress up times (or All the time), does anyone have a special set of Daddy clothes or a typical type of outfit when performing Daddy duties?

What do you littles like your Daddy or caregiver to wear for special times or just when in play mode?
By Deleted User 70063
I just would dress normal...I've always been a jeans and flannel kinda guy or t-shirts. In the morning...typical boxers or shorts and shirt or maybe even a house robe and slippers. I'm pretty typical when it comes to dressing up...and lazy lol. And yeah, if the situation would require it, definitely could get a little classier with it from time to time. If I do office work and have to go in, definitely slacks and a nicer button shirt with sleeves and all that jazz.

Could also experiment with wearing glasses, hats, watches, and other accessories. I usually wear a ballcap, but those would give you a lot of alternative options to try out. Can also experiment with colognes and fragrances too if scents are attractive to your little. Lot of cool options to explore.
:splode: Soft and cuddly, would be I ask for. With something thats has a bit of texture to the cloth. I may want Daddy to wear a chewy, so when I want to cuddles I can chew on something. Smell is a nice idea, I would choice Vanilla or mint (with Lavender) or the scent of honey, gentle or warm smells. Mint (with Lavender) is there to calm me out. (Put me to sleeps)
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By shadeyday
Anything, really! Since I'm a guy I look to queer men and they usually have good fashion sense. Although I do admit I'd love to have a daddy who dresses nicer once in a while, like with dress pants and a button-up shirt :)
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By PinkPrincessKoala
I always like when my daddy wears something nice, like a button up shirt or a nice polo! It reminds me of his maturity and makes me feel happy. If we are cuddling at home I like when we wears something soft and cuddly, like a soft bathrobe. It makes him into a big stuffie!

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