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Hi, so I’m 23, I live in Wisconsin and I’m a new mother. I have recently discovered I’m a little. (About a year ago when I discovered I was pregnant )
the thing is, I have questions and things I would like to understand, I also would love to meet people in the lifestyle to see what they are like and just to convince my brain that it’s not just online and in books. The problem is, this is all recent and all the events or groups I can find (including on this sight) ended with COVID coming. Are there any out there I haven’t looked up? Or places for new comments to the lifestyle? Or are there people who meet up just for talks?
I unfortunately can't help with meeting others in person, though i do know there are conventions that exist. However, the "Educational Articles" under resources at the top of the page may help with some of your initial questions, if you haven't seen it yet.
I would start out online - this and other forums are good places to ask questions. If you strike up a rapport with someone, message them privately - then you can ask more personal questions, you might not want to talk about in public, even in a 'walled garden' like this.

The world will open up again eventually and there will be events & meetups where you can talk face to face if that's your preference.

The whole CGL thing is very real - not just stories. If you can find a friend or caregiver, it's a wonderful, unique experience that transcends 'ordinary' relationships. The thing I love about it, is the whole world and all it's problems vanish. It's like the world shrinks to the room you & your CG are in - nothing else matters. It's the ultimate escape!
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