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My Daddy wants to get me a birthday present and told me to think throughly about what I want. He is very generous and already bought me a build a bear recently.
I'm stumped on what I should ask for.
I have plenty of stuffies, candy, shoes, clothes, pacis, coloring books. I have a 3DS and nintendo switch. I have fashion jewelry and perfume and toys and dolls. Help needed! :pen:
Maybe something like coupons for spending time with your Daddy? A set of ten, and two sets of five different ones, such as "Board Game Night" or, "Extra TV time", "Gets to pick the movie," fun stuff like that? It sounds like your Daddy's gotten you all the physical items you desire, and the only thing better than that is time set aside with your Daddy!
By Deleted User 31498
Like others have suggested, maybe try for something not material but more that is an experience you can have together. An outing to a park, zoo, aquarium, or someplace both of you enjoy. Make a day out of it, start together in the morning with fun breakfast, maybe pack your lunches for it or plan where you'll go for lunch. Focus on the quality time together.

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