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Hello everyone
My little age is around 3-5 i've never had a caregiver before and have found ways to feel little by myself but lately ive been feeling bored while in little space and want to do something to liven it up.
How can I be little without a caregiver? Like activities, tv shows to watch or just things to do to feel little.
Hi BabyKittenRose!

I find it fun to play dress up, but that requires some outfits.
Playing with toys like cars, dolls or lego!

Being little is always more difficult on your own :(

I really don’t mind being little without a caregiver.
I suppose over time I’ve adapted to big me making sure little me is cared for.
Planning ahead is key for me.
Print off colouring pages, puzzles etc
Put together a craft activity or art supplies
Download some audiobooks
Add some shows/movies to your Netflix list
Have some little snacks ready to go
I have a small transportable kit of items and a bigger kit for home
I have a room spray, clothing items (just nighties/tees/oversized hoodies), and particular music that help me feel smol.
I don’t know if that helps at all x

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