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Hello everyone!
I decided to take a vacation in the near future, and being able to incorporate little time/activities sounds like it would make it even better.
I'm looking for ideas of regular vacations that would be great for some little time.
What I mean is not an ABDL camp or nursery, but more diapered at Disney.
Any ideas or personal experiences to share?
Hi there!
A trip to the beach or lakes might be fun, plus if you add some swim diapers then you'll have even more fun!
Going to a movie while diapered might be fun as well. If you wanted to, you could go to a pg-13 movie or a younger children's movie but watching an adult or more mature movie with lots of action is still an option if your into those kinds of movies.
I'm not really sure on what else you could do since I haven't had any experience with diapered vacations but a diapered disneyland day doesn't sound bad at all, disney world is a place that I've been to quite a few times myself.
Have fun with your diapered vacation!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood baby boy :paci:
rleqh99 or Jordan
Ok, new question:
Where would you want to vacation to have little time?
This could be somewhere you could be stealth little, somewhere to indulge your little side, or just somewhere you'd like to go in diapers.
Same as before; no abdl specific events.
For me, I would love more than anything to go to the beach and be able to take part in being my little self. I would also love to go to an amusement park in the same fashion. For example, we just came back from an amusement park over the weekend and that would have been the perfect chance for me to be able to be little and indulge in that side of me a bit more. I could have worn my diapers and a cute littles outfit and have maybe a stuffie or my sippy cup with me too. Another place I would love to go and indulge in being little would be the zoo or an aquarium. Those are all places where it can be acceptable to be little and you can take part in that. I hope this helps some!
Hi there!
I completely agree with BittyBaby2's list of places to go!
All those places sound perfect because anyone can go to those places regardless of age and you could let your little side out for all of these!
If you decide to go to an amusement park then you better wear some plastic or rubber pants in case you leak on the rides. It would probably be a good idea to wear at least rubber pants so you don't leak wherever you are.
Went off topic there for a moment.
A water park would be fun too, just make sure you wear good swim diapers.
Other then those places, I think every other idea is already listed and I don't really know any other good places.
Do they make adult sized swim diapers? I've never seen them.
I've also been considering vacation as more than just a day trip. Plane ride, hotel, room service, the whole shebang. So I've been trying to think of big things that would make for great little time.
Yes they do make adult swim diapers.
They make both washable and disposable swim diapers (i think they make washable ones but I'm not sure).
Swim diapers are normally made for bowel incontinence so make sure you read about them so you get swim diapers for both urinary and bowel incontinence.
Hi! I’m not sure what exactly you had in mind or where you were thinking about traveling but it might be worth the time to look around your area or whatever area you’re planning on traveling and see if there are any hidden gems there. Where I live in Maryland, it seems like a really boring place but within 1.5 hour drive I can visit multiple aquariums, a zoo, Hershey Park, an enchanted forest farm with a petting zoo that has large recreations of nursery rhyme structures the little old lady who lived in a shoe and things like that, B&O railroad museum that had Thomas the Train railroad rides, Dorney Park, an apple orchard with regular events like Easter egg hunts and corn mazes, an ABU storefront shop that holds abdl events occasionally, and sesame place just to name a few. You might stand out at a bit at a few of them but adults sometimes go there for nostalgia so it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing. Also, there’s always Dave & Busters or bowling alleys or lazer tag and stuff like that. I also know that my local roller ring sells light up pacifiers right next to the glow sticks and they’re just as common as any other glow stick there so nobody thinks twice about you using one when roller skating. When in doubt, you can always ask a local what attractions they recommend in general or ask if there’s any cool places for children around that area because “you want to bring your cousin/kid/etc with you next time”. Maybe even see what places they visited during field trips in elementary school. Hope this helps! :bye:
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