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We all know caregivers need love and care too. If you were sending a package to a long distance cg, what would you put in it?
if I had a mommy; I'd send her some huckleberry jam, a crafty project I made, and a souvenir from my hometown.

Fellow littles, what would you send to your cg?
caregivers, what are some things you'd like to receive?
There is no better present then something you made with your own arms... that is certain to remind your CG of you and CG should put it in the central place of her appartment/house. Unfortunately for me, I am not very capable with my hands, and I could not send to my CG (I am still figuring out if I am a little, so I have not yet searched for a CG) like 70 graded exams.... So, while you can make sth, send what you made and CG will be happy.
In general I would probably send a few drawings/colorings, or something else I've made. But I also think it would depend on what they were interested in... like if they like to read I might include a copy of one of my favorite books, if they like to knit/crochet I might send some yarn that I liked, if they like movies I would include a copy of my favorite movie, if they like to cook I might include some of my favorite recipes or a favorite cook book if I had one. I might also send them something that reminds me of them or that made me think of them.

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