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So I've been thinking about buying a journal or diary thing from the store and starting to journal but, I'm not sure what to put in it. I want it to be a regression journal. If you guys have a journal like that what do you put in yours? Can you give me some suggestions?
I have a regression journal. I do not have a caregiver right now so I write it like I'm writing to a future caregiver. I write down what I like, what I don't like, rules I use, about my fav little space gear, What cartoons I like and my experiences while regressed.
That is such a great idea! I don't have a caregiver either and that is so smart to write everything down for later. I think it would also be great for later to see if your preferences have changed or not over time. Thanks for the idea though!! :craze:
This is a good idea. I would recommend getting a journal that has unlined pages as well so you can draw pictures as well as write in it. You could also scrapbook or make collages of things you enjoy or that you would like to do with your current/future caregiver.

You could also journal outside of age regression, maybe do age regression on one side and outside on the other. You could reflect on the regression or just write about your life, it might be enlightening to see the combination of the two.

I do! I write down prompts that involve drawing pictures and writing things down that I've found online or print them out, then I do them when I'm little. A couple examples are: "your favorite stuffies have turned into humans! draw what they look like, list their traits, and plan a playdate with them!" or "design a fairy garden!" You could also decorate it with stickers or make a sensory page with different fabrics and tactile things glued in. :stuffie:

Another thing I personally like is to make my own rules and routines while I'm big since I don't have a caregiver. I also put in things like "task bingo" or "mood trackers" to keep myself organized and productive even when I'm not regressed or just age dreaming.

You could definitely journal about your experiences while regressed. I like to call mine "tiny time" just because I like cute and short phrases while I'm little. I hope this helped even just a little bit! ::3:
Oh my gosh you guys, I love those ideas! Hmmm my favorite little stuff huh? There's so many things that I like. Maybe I'll do that! Also oh my goosssh the fairy garden and the stuffies turning into humans and having a playdate is so cute! I never thought about that before. I did think about a reward chart though.

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