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Hi hi everyone,

I'm just curious what helps when you have uncomfortable emotions/feelings as a little.
**Note: I do not currently have a caregiver**

On January 31st I had to euthanize my dog. He's been my lifeline for almost as long as I've had him, especially the past 5 years or so when my depression and anxiety took it up a few notches. Since he's been gone I feel lost and kinda numb. I haven't slept more than 3hrs in a row since with the average being closer to 1.5 or 2hrs. I'm not eating like I should be and my anxiety goes through the roof whenever I have to work inside the store around the customers, like full on anxiety attacks that last for hours. I'm also having a hard time with my littlespace headspace, it's been very difficult for me to slip into my littlespace when I want to and on the flipside of that I have also been slipping at inconvenient times/places and struggle to slip back out of it.

My main method for dealing with these feelings/emotions since I found out my dog was sick in September has been avoidance and distraction(I've buried myself in books and fanfiction). However I don't really feel that it's actually helping me. I'm just physically and emotionally exhausted at this point.
We are very, very sorry about your loss. We can only imagine how difficult it is to lose somebody so close, so dear. He must've been an amazing puppy to have an amazing owner.

We apologize, but we hope that you can find closure at your own time and on your own terms. No amount of advice will ever give you that, so we can only suggest.

The first piece of advice is to seek professional counseling/ therapy. It legitimately sounds like your issues are better dealt with someone who has the resources and experience to deal with life difficulties.

Seek comfort in those that are close to you. Talk to them about your thoughts and feelings.

It's hard to say this at a time like this, but Littlespace isn't a coping mechanism and regression will not resolve the mental pain that you're experiencing. We are sure that you can find some comfort in Little activities that you currently do or wish to try out, but ultimately they may not be the best path forward towards healing.

What can we do for you?
@CosmianAndNovella Thank you both for your thoughtful and kind response. :hugs:

Thank you for saying that a medical professional should predominantly be who I seek for help, I agree that they are who anyone going through something emotionally strenuous should speak with.

As such I am currently seeing my therapist and my psychiatrist is aware of my loss as well. I reached out to them prior to my dog's death to prepare them for what our time together might need to be. My mental health has often not been a priority of mine and I have been frequently self destructive when in a bad state so I searched them out right away just in case I handled this as badly as I thought I was going to(something I'm very proud of). My therapist also suggested reaching out to those close to me... I don't really have people like that in my life.

My therapist is also not aware of my Little nature and I don't really know how to bring that up with anyone really(no one I know IRL knows). This site is one of the very few places that I feel safe being me. I understand that Littlespace isn't meant as a coping mechanism and that wasn't my intention for it to sound as though that is what I was seeking. I love my Littlespace and the fun I have while in it at home which is a safe and appropriate place for me to be Little. I have been slipping into that headspace while at work(which is not really a safe place for me to do so) and have been finding it hard to come back to how I usually appear/act while there. I would love advice on how to do that if you or anyone else has any.

My therapist has given me activities and things to do to help with working through my emotions, and they are great, but as she isn't aware of my Littleness the things she has given me are all for someone Big. My main reason for the post was because I was just curious what others do while in Littlespace to make themselves feel better, not necessarily from dealing with difficult emotions like I currently am, but maybe things they do when they have a cold or the flu. I don't think I did a good job of articulating that in my original post and I apologize for that, I just wanted to reach out to others in a safe place.

Thank you for responding to me, I do appreciate you both for doing so and the admin for reaching out as well. :hugs:
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