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Also enjoy vampire shows and kiddies movies :hi: at the moment my favorites are "Vampire academy" and "Tangled". If I had a very long day its "Carebears" or "The fox and the hound" Other things I like doing is colouring, or playing with my stuffie :angel:
Maggiekittens wrote: 9 months ago I love playing with legos, playing with my dog, coloring, taking bubble baths, and rearranging my stuffies ::3:
I really like playing with legos too!

Also like watching cartoons like my little pony, Sophia the first, or Elena. Playing dress-up is probably my favorite tho.
I think what makes it easier for me to feel more in littlespace, is to wear clothes that looks younger, or at least, not grownup. Other stuff, like colorin', or playin' with my stuffies, helps too. I kinda regress to like eight usually, so maybe not as much playing with stuffies as others. Okay, I do play with 'em. Don't make me a baby, though! *stomping foot*

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