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By Deleted User 62293
Hi my Mommy and I are curious about some none sexual punishment ideas that would work I do lines as well as we’ve slapped my hands five times I cry easily and one of my biggest problems is disappointing Mommy we aren’t into spanking so please feel free to to add input
Time outs / sitting in the corner. Depending on your little age, helping mommy with chores. I have heard of putting something bitter or spicy on or in a pacifier. Washing mouth out with soap (I don’t like this idea at all but some people are into it). Helping clean up a mess / having to clean up your room. Withholding a favorite food for a day or two. Having to wear mits or mittens to limit what you can do or what trouble you can get into. Revoking (or the opposite - forcing) bathroom privileges.

Personally I am against any punishment that involves taking important security and attachment items away, such as a favorite toy or stuffie, but i am not a caregiver and each relationship is different. My punishments from my caregiver are limited to spankings only.

I hope this helps!
By Deleted User 62293
It does help Mommy doesn’t like to mess with my comfort items but she’s taking notes as we speak lol thank you for your ideas
By Deleted User 62111
When I regress into my little or infant stages I can be extremely sensitive, so the most punishment I can handle without a full-blown silent break down in the corner is usually gentle reprimands. I have genuine anxiety and panic attack problem that I'm trying to work out so just subtle signs of disappointment usually get the message across loud and clear. I tried the standing in the corner concept before, but it hadn't gone well for me. I'd been left in the livingroom while my big went out into the kitchen to do something and I'd had a panic attack while he was gone and it had taken me days to get over it. It wasn't like I was blaming him for it, I know better than that, but I unintentionally put myself in a position that I thought I could handle but by the time either of us figured out that I'd made a mistake, I couldn't even get my safe word out I just had a full blown attack and I inadvertently scared the life out of him, he had no idea what had happened or what was going on. I'd try building up the punishments gradually and starting out with very calm and subtle approaches before I jump to anything that could be considered an actual 'punishment' Just to make sure you're in your comfort zone and being safe. I knew that nothing dangerous was gonna happen just standing in the corner, but my triggers are oftentimes so irrational and out of the blue that I'm a very difficult little to deal with. But I'd just start small and work my way up so that you don't end up in a situation that you're not ready for. just subtle discomforts, like telling you that you can't colour but you can play with your toys, then slowly build from there.
By Deleted User 62293
I have the same thing panic attacks and anxiety and Mommy is super aware of this she’s patient with me
No panties under your clothes.

No sweets for x amount of time.

No video games for x amount of time.

Sleeping at night with no pillows, or no blanket, or no stuffed animal, or even just sleeping on the floor.

Reading homework as punishment (the horror!!)

Only cold showers for a certain period.
as a little i don't want to be bad but... even good girls can be bratty. Here are some ideas Timeouts, corner time, grounded from activities or treats, soap in mouth, forced nap time, one I've heard but not sure about is deeper regression (like making you 1 for a time period)

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