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So, I am am in a bit of a complicated situation and I could use some advice from anyone who is willing to help😊. I have been in this relationshipwith a guy for a few years now, and I call him daddy and he likes it, but lately I’ve been trying to hint to him that I’m a little( He lives far away from me so we talk online). For example, I have sent him pictures of me holding my stuffies, and I actually told him about one of them and he completely disregarded it and changed the topic. I really wanna tell him because of how long we’ve been talking but I’m scared he’ll reject me or call me weird or something.

All and any advice is greatly appreciated :pinkh:
I'm not the best with this type of advice... But if it were me, I'd go for broke. If you really want a caregiver/little relationship, and you really want him to be your daddy, it might be best if you just lay it on the table and see what he says.
Your best bet is probably to explain things as best you can, as gently as you can.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt... If you don't feel this is best then, maybe taking some smaller steps might be better for you... But since it doesn't seem like the hints are working, it might be time to go for broke.
I agree with Talisman, laying it out there directly might be the best approach. You can ask him if he’s ever heard of ageplay or ddlg. If yes, ask him if he’d be interested in that kind of relationship with you. If no, you can tell him about your interest in it and see how he responds.

A less direct option to “test the waters” might be to send him a link to a video or something with cgl / ageplay content in it, but where cgl/ ageplay isn’t the main topic of content (this might be really difficult to find!).

Or you can just ask him if he’ll tell you about any kinks he’s ever been curious about or had, and you could do the same.

Good luck and be safe!
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