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i recently read a great article on the needs of littles, it was very helpful to me to understand my little and become a better daddy. were a lot of people saying in the comments that it would be great if something similar exisited for littles to understand thier daddies better. ive had a try

1 Don't ever get scared of showing daddy too much love.

Daddys are in awe of their littles, there is no way you can over love them in a way in which some regular relationships could be considered smothering or needy. Love your daddy with all of your heart and show him he is your world and nothing will make him more happy.

2 Understand his need for your love

Daddys are often older than their littles and often inside they do worry about losing you, it is a blessing to a daddy to have such a young, beautiful, loving girl. Daddys are putting themselves in a vulnerable position by doing this, as a caregiver they tend to love harder and feel more connection than that of a regular relationship and at the same time having a higher chance of losing you. Make sure he feels loved.

3 Understand why he wants to be daddy

We live in a world where more and more pressure is put on men, and at the same time they are being told by the media that they are not special. Good men are natural protectors and providers and strive to be that person in society. However women are being told they don't need men, that men are toxic and oppressive. And while this is true in some cases, a lot of men continue to provide and feel no gratitude in return, They treat their women like princesses but so often these women do not treat them like kings. I believe this is why men are drawn to be daddy, they want to be the dominant provider and protector but they need the submissive, to be grateful and acknowledge their efforts and worship him. Men are biologicazlly wired to want to privide comfort and safety, and this i becoming les valued in society as womwn become more femisnised, ddlg is a dramicit counter response to this and is why i belive men are drawn to it, good daddies littersally need to care for a little and be showered with love and respect in return. He needs to be needed.

4 He needs you all to himself

Daddy's love hard, they go all in, and they need you to do the same. One thing no daddy wants is for their little to want other men. Make sure he feels this, dont flirt with any boys, it will crush him, don't seek validation from any other source, daddy needs to know he is all you need, as his heart is invested and he wants to heal you and give you the comfort you need. If he feels he is failing it will cause him to think negatively about himself. Unless he specifically asks, try not to discuss past relationships and sexual encounters. The thought of your little with another is heartbreaking and removes the submissive dynamic a little. Remember, “daddy” is his title and he is proud of it. However deep down he knows he is not unique, his title has most likely been used with others in previous relationships and casual encounters and it quietly crushes his soul. He must deal with it internally. Don't ever remind him about it.

5 Dont underestimate how much he adores you

Never underestimate the love a Daddy has for his little, it's fierce and he wants as much of you as he can get. Be clingy, he wants it, when you are apart send texts, selfies and videos, even if it's just mundane things like cooking dinner or getting ready. He wants to see you in your everyday activities, you can do this enough, he craves it.

6. Always be honest and keep promises

Daddys need a good girl, someone they can depend on, someone who deserves their love and protection. They need to know they can have the ultimate trust. Don't ever lie to daddy, don't lie about things to impress him, he would much rather you be yourself so that he can best offer advice and guidance, you have already impressed him, that's why he is your daddy. And never lie maliciously, it is better to come clean and tell the truth if you do something wrong, then you can work on it together to improve the issue. And always be open, if there is something you need or you feel you are lacking from daddy, tell him, he can't change what he doesn't know.

7 Be yourself

A good daddy wants his little no matter what, just be you, be genuine and let him love you for who you are, never act a part, never try to be someone you are not, be who you want to be and bear you soul. If you want daddy to love your soul you must show it to him. Only then can he love it. Daddy is just as vulnerable and needy as you, so treat him well and he will reward you with a love so loyal, caring, protective and understanding that you will forever hold his heart in your hands.

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