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My Daddy Dom And I have been together for two years, he just proposed we’re getting married next month but all of a sudden he stopped tying me up and giving me spanking except for a swat here and there.. I feel like he’s giving me excuses that he’s tired I know the world has changed and his sister moved in with us and he owns his own company so very busy but he tells me I want things my way but I am a is like he’s turned vanilla. Please help I don’t know what to do?
It may be he is telling the truth and not excuses. He is correct in that with the current world situation there can be a lot of stress and depression. As is from what you've mentioned he sounds very busy. And from personal experience having a family member in the house really puts a damper on things. However I'd like to point out burnout is real, and sometimes it happens to kinksters, if that happens they usually need a break to regroup before returning to "normal". You can try to have a serious conversation with him, but you'll have to respect his decision and explanation and not push. With major life events going on sometimes play needs to be put on pause in order to deal with adult responsibilities first. Maybe ask if theres a way you can help in facilitating play if he still wants it, but in the end whatever his decision is you'll have to respect it.

Yes i am a mid 40s male and have been married and moslty
In longt relationships. I find men people can get bored with each other and those certain activities. Actions.

The strength comes in as if you or they can handle that or settle in for the long haul.

All you can do is sit and have a talk about that. Then you will know. It suks not being
Yourself as do they.

Good luck
He might be trying to spare your blushes a bit... after all his sister will probably here the spanking or might see you tied up. Ask him, maybe tell him you dont mind if she does notice (though he might still not want that complication)

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