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It can be difficult for some people to understand how someone can be an age regressor but also a confident, responsible Caregiver in charge of another age regressor at times.
It has been suggested that people who consider themselves to be a Switch are doing so because they aren't able to have completely fulfillment with the role they really are (either Caregiver or little) and they are taking on the opposite role so that they can "live vicariously" through their partner by extension.
Alternatively, it was also suggested that littles who sometimes switch to take on the Caregiver role are not doing so genuinely but only as a way to "play house" from time to time, pretending to take on the mature, adult role just as a biological child plays pretend with being a mother or father over their baby dolls, siblings, pets, or peers.

Do you feel like either of these ideas are potentially valid for some people who are taking on the Switch label? Do you feel that most Switches lean to one side more than the other or do you feel that most are a balanced half Caregiver and half little? Do you feel that it would be more helpful for personal fulfillment reasons that a Switch identify what percentage they feel they are a Caregiver versus little, and, if so, do you feel that could help them on their personal road to self-discovery? Do you feel that Switches are just mis-identifying themselves, embarrassed to admit to being one role over the other, or under a form of denial by taking on the middle-ground label?

I know a few people online that are switches, but I don’t know their whole story.

I also have a real life friend who sometimes plays a sort of babysitter role for me, and he is a good friend of daddy’s. He is definitely a switch, leaning towards the dom/caregiver side. As ddlg isn’t the only type of dynamic he gets involved with, he plays a caregiver and also sometimes master role to littles, and occasionally plays the role of a slave/sissy girl to his mistress. He is a switch and is definitely involved with age regression too, although he has told me that the little side of the switch role, is more ageplaying than age regressing. He personally doesn’t see it as deep for him as you or I may find it. That’s what I love about the nuances within our community, everyone experiences things differently. He also enjoys switching half way through scenes, so he like starting the scene in power and then giving it up or being forced to give it up, and vice versa. I’ve never asked him if this links into ddlg though.

For me personally I’m kind of the opposite. In terms of ddlg, I am definitely on the little side, though I would consider being mommy just to try. But I actually overall identify as a switch, leaning towards sub roles in various different dynamics and circumstances. I am dominant occasionally in a number of my other kinks that arnt related to ddlg, but even then I am still more of a sub. So I indentify as a sub/little girl when it comes to ddlg, and a sub-leaning switch when it comes to everything else.

So that’s my experience. Thanks so much for this question. I personally find switch relationships fascinating, and I’m interested to hear other people’s experience or knowledge about it.

Best Wishes <3
Since I can never experience someone else from their personal point of view, I certainly can't tell them they aren't something they feel that they are, but here's my general take:

I think switch is something you do, not something you are. So, you could be a little and switch to the big role, but that is RP. You could equally be a big and switch to the little role via RP. I suspect there may also be people who are neither little or CGs, but RP both. And all of that is fine by me.

But, I could be wrong. It could be more like gender fluidity. It's really probably best to hear from someone who switches.

BTW, I can switch sexually, but I don't think I could be a CG. So, there's really two kinds of switches we're talking about here—and I can't speak for CGL switches.
Personally, as a switch, I'd say I love to care for littles because they are so adorable and I feel fulfilled from it. However, sometimes I also need to age regress to be relieved from stress and such. I wouldn't regress to the point in which I need a caregiver, more like a self care type of thing is what I need along with cuddles, a onesie, and paci. If you are a caregiver that age regresses, don't be ashamed and embrace it. In the end, we all deserve love and acceptance because we are humans and have needs.
BabyRex wrote: 2 weeks ago Also, I would prefer to regress while still taking care of my little and having lots of cuddles.
I strongly encourage you to reconsider your chosen language from being a “switch” to being that of a Big Sister/Big Brother.

What you’ve described (especially with, at times, being/feeling regressed while caretaking) is defined as being a “big sibling” who takes on the caregiver role to a “younger” or “less capable” sibling. The caregiving can occur while the Big Sibling is regressed and/or it can occur outside of their regression.

A “switch” would mean there is no regression expressed while being a Caregiver. The term “switch” comes from “light switch” and references something being either one way or another, not occurring simultaneously. “Switch” does not sound like the correct term to use for your identity within the community.

Please read through our resource for some additional information:

Best of luck in your self-discovery journey!

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