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I used to get annoyed by my sisters childish way of speaking but now I'm the one that does it. I only use child speak/baby talk when I'm slipping/in little space or in the chat room with other members of the cgl community.
i don't use it, but of-course i can make exception and do it as a social mechanism when i want to fit in or connect with people more specifically than usual.

actually, as a smoll child, i can't ever remember talking like a baby in my naturally responsive life. i guess that's the point. i'm not impulsive to that 'regressive age-range'.

im open to it as a 'therapeudic' element though, for lack of a better word.
I baby talk in texting and I also do it in person. I always have but it was more that I’d slip into it and would have no clue that I did. But now I’m slipping into it a lot more but not on purpose. As long as you don’t do it in public or at work, or with someone who is unsafe. I think it’s okay.
I use baby talk in my head only, especially when I'm trying to talk myself into doing something I don't want to or out of doing something I want to do that's probably a really bad idea. So it becomes something like a conversation in my head going back and forth.

I used baby talk with someone who I thought was a friend once a long time ago, before I even knew about littlespace & she was so freaking annoyed, it scared me off of using it with anyone again (>_<)
Yes my daddy loves it! we have our own language like instead of saying what are you doing I’ll look at him with a pout and say in a little voice what doing daddy or dada... Don’t let other people influence you being who you are real true honest,
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