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By LittleHarley
Little, Switch, or Caregiver?! Help me figure out what’s going on please!

Okay so basically long story short I have always been a little, I never really associated with the term little or even knew about a community that I fit in to until maybe the last year or so.... but then about 2 or so years ago I had a friend ask me to be their mummy and humiliate them for being in diapers etc, this didn’t make me overly comfortable being the humiliated side of it all but then I did really enjoy being mummy. I love love love to dress up in wet look/latex/dominatrix wear however that’s only here and there, more than that I usually am still very very little I love my sucky/pacci and I love my stuffys and pastel colours and colouring in books and my mr bear bear so I’m a bit confused because really I am a baby girl but I love to act dom sometimes ... I don’t what I’m asking but I guess maybe just for anyone to help me understand or even anyone in the same position to chat with to maybe figure out what’s what ? :heart: :remind:
I'm new to the idea if being little. I've been in the kink scene for quite some time and have first and foremost identified as a submissive. Except I didn't really feel that was a right fit. There was a part of me I always felt I held back. I tried out switching as I became more confident in myself. I liked the safety of being in control, but missed the peace of submission. Being a switch feels pretty comfy, but something was still missing. Then, I met my Daddy.

My Daddy empowers me and praises all of my tough, strong, badass sides. He calls me His Wonder Woman. Yet, Daddy still knows I need help going to sleep. I need to feel safe and protected. He knows I need structure and guidance even though I'm a take charge kind of Lady everyday. Being Little for me is less about age regression and more about feeling cherished, safe, and protected. With Daddy, nothing I think or want to talk about is nonsense. Even when I bore him when I get egg-heady about neuroscience, he enjoys how smart I am. For me, being little is more about the fact that I'm a child at heart. I have an innocence that never seems to go away even when I have wished it would. Daddy makes sure I know that it's okay that I'm still a bit naive and overly optimistic.

I don't think being little makes me less of a switch or a badass adult Lady. In fact, I think Daddy finds it quite darling when I get all feisty and fierce. He just loves me the way I am.

I think being little is a unique experience for everyone. I hope this helps.
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By admin
Perhaps it's a bit of a newer concept, but I don't believe that CGL (caregivers and/or littles as individuals as well as partnerships) is necessarily related to BDSM, including submission and dominance. Furthermore, I don't believe that being a little is synonymous to being a submissive person.

BDSM, kink, and adult interest tend to reference sexual situations in some way. When we talk about being a little then we are referencing a personality, which could include sexual situations but is also outside of those situational components.

There is a floating misconception that the community is a direct spinoff of a BDSM incest adult interest or age roleplay that incorporates names given to family members. I believe these are two separate things--one revolving around who a person is as a person and one revolving around what a person does sexually. While some of the CGL community may also incorporate such a kink in their sexual interactions it doesn't really create a firm connection that all, or even most, regressors/littles are twisty, involved in a adult interest, or sexually driven by age regression.

That being said, a person who identifies as a little (personality and mood expression) may separately engage in "being a switch", "being a submissive", or even "being a dominant" when it comes to sexual situations.

Being a little is not the same as being sexual.

A little is a person. Age regression (aka "littlespace") is an expression of mood, albeit based on the atypical personality type. The identity really has nothing to do with sexual stance, place, or positioning in itself.
A caregiver is a person. Caregiving is an expression of romance, albeit atypical. The identity really has nothing to do with sexual stance, place, or positioning in itself.
These are people and may or may not engage in sexual situations, which are likely to blend in with their individual personalities traits but, alternatively, may be outside of those individual expectations.

If you are a person who is little but also a person who has kinks based around dominance then that is okay. Those different components do not necessarily clash because they are not under the same type of category. Enjoy who you are. Enjoy what you enjoy. Let these things be separate butt also a part of you.

Best of luck in your exploration.

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