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I am just now learning about all of this. After 3 years I didn’t know that my honey is an adult middle.

I’m trying to be the best daddy for her.
With that said any info to help me improve for her would be greatly appreciated!

Random facts, hints, ideas and support.
Please ask specific questions to the community. Asking for generic tips for personal improvements in a serious commitment isn’t going to be as promising as you may hope. We simply don’t know all of the private details about your relationship structure or progression, and we have absolutely no deep understanding of who you or your partner are as individuals. We don’t know where you, your partner, or your relationship is in any regard, and we don’t know your capabilities, entire personalities, or desires.

Put time and effort into identifying ways you can improve yourself and your relationship. Ask specific questions based on that when trying to create a route to achieve or maintain the improvement(s). That’s the best starting point. You should educate yourself about your partner and their interests, which should also lead to specific questions you may have or specific material you feel you need to research. Use generic advice generically—there is no “one advice fits all” for all relationships that exist or will exist.

Your partner is special, right?
Your relationship is special, right?
Then how would a group of strangers know how beautiful what you have is enough to help you improve it by providing generic “advice”?
Think about it.

Here is our sectional for general educational resources: viewforum.php?f=88

Here is our general forum where you can read through previous, specific questions that have been asked already:

Here you can use our search:
I guess the issue I am having is the fact that she has been embarrassed of her little self enough not to let me know for 3 years. Are there any tips on integrating myself without overwhelming her.
Going into little space is extremely vulnerable and can cause relaxation and anxiety at the same time. Get involved; ask her to show you a drawing or what kiddie movie she’d like to see. Kiss her all over her face and tell her she is such a pretty little girl!
Middles generally like to have more independence and not be treated like a BABY baby if you know what I mean.
So maybe I’m setting rules try to stick to rules that help them with behavior or chores (always be polite with strangers) rather than basic hygiene (brush teeth every day)
Hope that helps!

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