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So my daddy and I have been seeing each other for a lil while now and at first it started casual. It’s definitely progressed into a real dynamic despite not being in an actual monogamous relationship and there’s attachment on both sides at this point.

Daddy and I have never really established rules whether sexually or otherwise and I wouldn’t mind both as well as punishments but I’m scared and shy to bring it up and ask for rules!

A big reason why I want a set of rules is routine and daddy knows I’m not the best for taking care of myself. I don’t have the best mental health and I’ll admit sometimes it gets hard and I neglect myself. I feel like rules would motivate and help me do better in that aspect and also introduce more routine, stability and more excitement into the dynamic.

If anyone has any advice on how to bring this up and approach him about it then please let me know! Looking for any and all honest advice and opinions! :pinkh: :angel:
Honestly, I think the way you put it just now was pretty eloquent and reasonable. ^^

It's always a good idea to establish boundaries in any relationship whether it has sexual elements or not, just so both of you know where the other stands on things. You've stated a reason for needing them and even said that it might help you both in the long run by making it more stable and exciting.

You can always bring it up by saying you have some ideas regarding the relationship that you would like to try. That way it doesn't sound like you're making him obligated to do anything and you can get his input as well on what it means for him to be your daddy. ^^

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