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i need creativity help!
being a little has done so much good for me mentally, and i have tattoos that actually mean something to me. however i do not have any little pride tattoos. yet i cannot think of any that i can get, i was thinking of a bow like my attachment. please let me know what you think. Any ideas are welcome too...
naturally as with any tattoo, i gotta think long and hard about it. but i have been wanting to get one for YEARS
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Gosh I absolutely love this! I think it’s a splendid idea! I’m still new in learning about my Little self but...this is truly cute and it actually means a lot that you’ve thought of making one! I love this idea so very much! Thank you for sharing! :pinkh: :craze:
Both my mommy and I wanted to do something of the same sort... I got a Mickey tattoo on my shoulder and she got Minnie on her wrist. It was a great thing to do together and we were able to show love together. Image
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