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I am an ENFJ I believe,
I'm an empathetic person and I like to make people Happy. I'm not a push over though and it makes me very sad or angry when people think that my kindness can be taken for granted. I'm pretty sure that's why I could never identify as a slave because it makes me feel that way, even if its not true. I'm quite willful and have many Cat/Kitten like habits. I do best with a caretaker that understands I want to refuse things with free will and that I'm not a brat, just not in the mood. I don't mind having my mind changed later tho lol.
Oh nice! And thank you for replying! I understand how it feels having your kindness taken for granted and how much it can hurt. I struggle with giving up enough control to ever think of being a slave too, and I tend to be seen as a brat because I'll refuse things. Maybe thats a *NF* thing?
Oh tht's okay! I totally understand that part too tho even tho I'm stubborn I do crave doing what I'm told and pleasing others even if it ends up being in the negative for me which might be why I've became a bit of a brat (Too many times people have used me)

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