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I should probably start by saying that I have absolutely zero experience with Littlespace. I'm writing a story about the acceptance of differences in society, and I would like one of the characters to be a Little. I want to write accurately, so I was wondering if it's possible for someone to describe what it's like to be in Littlespace. I know nothing, and don't want to write something that isn't true. :(
Please do bother taking the time to read our free resources to gain a general understanding of what littlespace is and who regressors are on a deeper level than the simplified labels. Our forum may also provide insight to individual differences in such experiences and expressions.

Our community is of real, live people and I feel hesitant to knowingly assist someone in strictly gaining financial profit by describing community members as if they are livestock. Although you don't seem enthused to learn about individuals on any personal or deep level, I understand that you may be intrigued or even enamored by littles so much that you want to write a story that includes one; however, I also feel like this could very well likely be a situation where you've found a niche market to target and are pushing quickly to be able to churn out content by asking others to basically write a summary you can build off of for your career. It's interesting because in the past 45 days I've now had 4 individuals either write to me directly or post as you have about doing research on the regressive experience to assist them in writing a novel. I just checked and all four of you have different e-mail addresses so I'm not sure if this is some competition you've entered or if this is some strange coincidence but these sites are not meant to assist the general public in writing niche market novels. We are not side show freaks that exist to spice up your stories.

So, as for your stated purpose, when we discuss regression we typically tie some positive language to it because for most people their heavier regressive experiences occur in positive situations where they've been able to reduce their stress or responsibilities. That comes from the common notion that the person often feels relaxed and safe while displaying their regressive traits. They may also feel "simple", childish or childlike, or excessively naive. Many regressors note that they are more emotionally sensitive and have heavier dependency desire, but that isn't necessarily secluded off to just a regressive feeling at the time and I believe that is part of the generalized personality we're referencing as a whole. Depending on the individual and situation, they may feel bubbly and energetic or could be more calm and quiet. That isn't always the case though and some people retreat to more externalized (less buffered expressions) or immersive regression when they are overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, scared, or experience "negative emotion" as a way to try to escape back to a feeling of stability and safety (although, we should not accidentally fall into the misunderstanding that regressive episodes or feelings can replace actual therapy or should be used as a safe, long-term "coping mechanism").

It's also important to take note that not all regressors experience a separate regressive moment than their everyday functional lives. As a matter of fact, I believe that a separated regressive episode is less common to experience and that most regression happens casually and naturally without notice that's an atypical reaction, action, or inaction. Most regressors have their childlike expression naturally sprinkled throughout even their most mature responsibilities. Some regressors never experience a separated moment of "littlespace". Within our resources we point out that our community is compromised of individuals who are "little" by personality and not by choice, experience, roleplay, or mental ailment. It is who a person is, and not what they do or experience.

So, for many people in this community this question is very similar to asking someone how it feels to exist every day. Think of us as individual people and not a set of criteria that can be listed off to copy and paste onto every other person within this sector of humanity. We aren't novelty characters in a fun story. We are people.

So, you might find some interest in our resources to get you started on your research such as: Again, you are more than welcome (and strongly encouraged) to read the rest of our resources as well:

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