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I'm new to the daddy little and have a couple of questions. My partner/daddy figured that this would be good for me since I usually act/want to be treated like a little
1. What age would I fall under?
I love to color and be pet/cuddled, I love stuffies and Disney, I love taking naps :sleep: and having someone take care of me
2. What's a good way to tell my partner/daddy what I want?
I'm very shy and am afraid to be a hassle and/or bother people
3. What are good limits for me to put I am willing to do anything to make others happy and most of the time it back fires on me :sadno:
4. Is there a way to make friends on here?
I don't really have to many friends (only have 1 friend tbh) and would love to have more friends that are littles :hi:
I'm not super experienced either, but I can say:
1. Your age is your choice. It could take time to figure it out. It can be a wide range if you'd like
2. It can be hard to talk about that kind of stuff but it's best to be open and honest
3. Anything that makes you uncomfortable or you're unsure of, you need to speak up
4. Lol I have no idea. I don't have many friends either x'D
:pacy: I am fairly new as well I've always kept being a little hidden because people look down on it so much.
But your age in littlespace is your choice like how old do you say you feel? For me I'm more of a 12 year old... I'm not into pacies or bottles or diapers but I still love stuffies and cuddles and being playful... I like doing for myself sometimes but being taken care of is nice too... I still like naps and being tucked in. I don't tell my partner this because I'm afraid he'd think I'm immature or crazy... I do give subtle hints and I think he thinks I'm just being silly...
I'd be your friend! Maybe I can find out how to message you if you'd like
1. Please see this post about asking other people to determine your little age. Understand that you've listed off generic interests not even specifically related to regression and that nobody is going to know you better than you know yourself. What I mean is, anyone can like naps, coloring, and Disney, most people like to cuddle with their loved one(s), and everyone wants to be loved ("taken care of"). Intricate adult coloring books are very popular now with people of all personality types, nearly everyone can enjoy a good nap, and even though I'm a Caregiver only I really do enjoy Disney movies quite a lot. These things do not make, or mean that a person is, a little.
You will need to do some initial self-exploration to begin discovering this sort of thing about yourself.

Being a little isn't just about having a handful of generic interests or things you can tolerate that you feel are linked more closely to biological childhood than typical adulthood.
It's really about a personality type, a natural way of thinking and your unique characteristics, that extends far past the idea of immaturity. It's related to your natural behaviors, your logic and way of processing information, your emotional responses, what drives your habits and the choices you make, and just generally your base perceptions.

Disney movie example:
It's much, much more than the idea that you like to watch Disney movies. It's the reason why you like to watch Disney movies and how that reason connects to natural, automatic regression. I don't mean the reason being, "I'm a little so logically I like Disney!" but more like, "When I watch a Disney movie I feel like a child again. So much like a child that I forget I have an adult-sized body! I get swept up into the film as if I'm a part of it, like a child sitting on the sidelines watching my friends interact with one another. Sometimes I get so into things that I accidentally start interacting back with the screen like children do. I can't help but forget about everything else going on. The storylines are so engaging. The movies seem so real in the moment and I'm happy. I love being able to run up to my Caregiver after the movie is over and excitedly tell them about what happened and how good it was!"
See, I am a Caregiver and I really enjoy animated film a lot. It's actually my preference to watch G/PG rated movies. They don't cause me to feel regressed or like a child though. I just like how they're gentle and tame but still entertaining enough for me usually. Are they the most entertaining thing I can watch? No, and I don't believe they are entertaining to me in the same way they are for a little, but if I'm just relaxing at home then, sure, maybe I'll turn something on that gives me a break from taking everything quite seriously. I don't become engulfed in the film or forget about anything else existing, and I think those are probably much more common situations for regressors.

2. Communication is important to successful relationships. You will need to work together with your partner on determining how you would like to communicate and what is most effective for your partnership. Communication can happen in so many different ways, including texting instead of verbally speaking, learning sign language together and using it as a method, or developing your own verbiage together that feels more safe and comfortable to speak when feeling vulnerable. Please work with your partner on this topic and don't make assumptions that your communication choice will be understood by them.

3. Limitations is an odd subject to bring up because this does not necessarily relate to age regression, in my opinion. I'm going to assume that perhaps you're combining BDSM with your regression and relationship since it's a focal point in that community.
If something makes you uncomfortable then you should discuss it with your partner at that point instead of forcing yourself into doing it just because you want to be "good". Talk with your partner about what makes you feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or just overall negative and work from there. A good Caregiver-Dominant isn't going to put you into harm's way because an expectation of the role is to take care of another adult, but also should be willing to talk with you about your hesitations and personal preferences when it comes to whatever you feel needs limits set so that you can figure out what is something you don't like or can't handle.
If you are talking specifically about BDSM then I would encourage you to seek out a reputable BDSM community that focuses on healthy educational material and community.

4. All friendship request belong in the Looking for Friendship - Connections area of the site. Outside of that, friendships occur when someone gets to know you a little bit. I would recommend hanging out in the group chat room and having lighthearted, open conversations with people there.

5. Please read our resources to learn more about not only our community but yourself.

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