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By dollyprincess
Hi evewyone! I'm a sickly little (I'm sick a lot) and not very strong! I wanna get into better physical shape and get not so sickly :) but there lots of exercises the are very stressful on my body :( does anybody know of a workout/ or know how to make a work out plan that won't over tax my lungs and knees/ankles? My goal right now is to lose 75lbs :) thankies in advance
Hi there!
I have asthma and chronic migraines so I also have poor lungs and get sick easily.
But, one thing that didn't hurt my lungs was tae kwon do. I'm not saying sign up for classes, but a few of the warm up excercises we did are actually great for you, and you can do them in the comfort of your bedroom.

Stand with one foot back about shoulder length, and your arms up and to the side like a cactus. Take the back foot and swing your leg from the hip up, be careful not to hit your nose with your knee. Draw your leg back to its original position. This is called a high-kick. About 10 of these on each leg makes a set for me, but you can always take breaks, or do less.

Now spread your legs to where your feet are parallel, but they're about shoulder-distance-plus-half apart. This is called sitting stance. Firmly, and without drawing back, punch straight in front of you as hard as you can. Alternate hands. About 20 of these (10 for each hand) is a set, and again, you can take breaks.

I have other kicks and hand-techniques I use personally, but they're more difficult to explain without being able to show you. I'm thinking of recording them, now, so I can share these excercises.
By dollyprincess
thank you so much <3 this sounds like something that'd be okay for me to do until i build up a little more strength. I'll probably add like ten squats to it as well <3

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