Discuss a healthy lifestyle, weight loss goals, or refine exercise routines.
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By chubbybunny
Is walking a good way to drop weight? I need to lose, like, 30lbs at this point. It's embarrassing. I'm looking for a Daddy and when I reveal that I have extra weight it seems like they lose interest. I have a really busy schedule but I could fit in some walking maybe so I could multitask with some work things. Walking? Good? Bad? How long? When? Morning? After dinner? Before bed? I'm clueless.
By Magnus
Personally, whenever i have a fantasy about a little, she's always fat. I've been more attracted to bbw for as long as i can remember. Perhaps i'm just odd in that way? But just know there are some of the male population that do like chubby littles!

As far as tips for losing weight, a few quick cheats that always work is to swap out drinks with a meal with just plain water instead. A regular soda can have anywhere from 200-250 calories, roughly 50g of sugar, and 20% of your daily carb intake. Other tricks include taking a few grams extra of fiber supplements a day. 1g of fiber negates 7 calories. it's recommended to have 25g a day if you're a woman. Fiber One and Metamucil bars replacing one full meal is a way to really really nuke calories. It's just small changes without TRULY requiring you to go on any expensive diets.

As far as walking as morning vs evening, they both have benefits, however you have a greater chance of strains or injury if you walk in the morning because your muscles arent really stretched out yet. Walking in the evening helps your body digest down any lingering food, which since eating late is usually what causes weight gain, i'd suggest evening walks.
By JuneStar
Walking is a good form of exercise. It's decent cardio. You'd want to walk briskly though. Not a super slow pace or anything so that you could actually burn those calories.

More than that, I hope you realize that you need to accept and love yourself. There are chubby, plus-sized, overweight, and curvy littles out there too. Daddies and Mommies can love all sizes of littles. Be happy you have some curve and softness to you and I bet you'll drop a little weight just by being happy.
By ddlged
Cut your calories and do exercise that you don't normally do, increasing exercises each day. You have to burn more calories than you take in and you'll lose weight. Don't over exercise because then you'll get bulky muscle. Try to cut back eating.
By FireflyPrincess
Im kind of in the same boat. What ive ben doing is some Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Each segment is 20 minutes long. Theres three levels and ten days in each level. Its absolutely hard and rough exercise, especially if you havent done much exercising. You can find the first two levels on YouTube, but you can buy the DVD pretty much anywhere. If you're unable to do that then I suggest the Military Diet, if you can do it. http://themilitarydiet.com/military-diet-plan/ the website explains better than I ever could.
ddlged wrote:Don't over exercise because then you'll get bulky muscle.
Not true. Women don't have the hormones necessary to build big bulky muscle, not when lifting weights and definitely not when doing extended periods of cardio vascular work. You will see a small amount of muscle gain and an improvement in muscle tone, both of which are desirable. :)
By littlebuttercup_
Drinking more water is a tiny chsnge but it can help you lose a few extra pounds of the side if you;re interested. Also not eating anything after 7pm gives your body more time to digest before bed.
The most important thing I did to get back in shape was finding fun activities that I enjoyed doing that kept me active. I walk my dog a lot now and it keeps me in shape along with body weight exercise (planks, leg lifts, pseudo yoga.) I think finding something you enjoy really helps because your not as likely to skip it. If you like walking then I think it can be very effective. When I first started getting back into shape bike riding really helped because it was more fun to me then walking and I could push myself a little further.

Sometimes it's hard to do but finding someone to walk with (even a furry friend) helps a lot. Again you are more likely to enjoy it and want to do it again.

Like others have stated though you need to burn more calories then you take in but you need energy from good food to feel like you can work out. Studies show that if you take in more healthy protein like chicken it helps you feel more full and provides energy to build your muscle which makes working out easier.

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