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anorexia is something iv struggled with since i was young. eating is a big part of the little space life and i find it really hard. because of my eating disorder ive lost alot of weight and my bmi is now 16.4. my daddy and i no longer have a sex life and finding clothes for little space is hard im a UK 0 which is an xxxs not many places sell bellow a uk 8 or 6 and its only recently been passed to sell a size 4 in the uk as im tall i cant wear childrens clothes.
Have you tried those meal replacement milkshakes? I really like spiru-tein, because they have a lot of protein as well. They're for sale in a lot of health food stores in the states, I don't know what brands they have in the uk, but they're for sale online as well. They're usually only total around 190 calories per drink, but you can add coconut milk, ice cream, or/and blended fruit to make it frothy and and more calorie packed. It's also really good when you're feeling more little, milkshakes are always the best for littlespace, especially when food is hard to get down. All I know is those milkshakes helped me gain about 7 pounds and keep my metabolism normal. Malt-O-Meal hot cereals are also one of my favorite foods for when I don't want to eat because it's liquid-ish and still have a good amount of fiber compared to milkshakes.
I'm sorry about your clothing situation, I didn't know how low the sizing went in the US compared to the UK.
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