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I have a lot of problems eating solid food sometimes, especially close to my monthly cycle. I came out to my facebook friends about only wanting to drink things, not eat, and a friend suggested meal replacement smoothies, which would satisfy my need to drink instead of eat, while also providing me plenty of nutrients so I don't suddenly start dropping pounds -I'm actually at a very healthy weight and don't want to just lose all that. I'm all for smoothies. I love getting them at McDonald's when I can. Although I know those probably aren't as healthy as homemade smoothies. I'm more than happy to pay a little extra to get fresh fruit and peanut butter and whatever else needs to go into a smoothie to keep me healthy, but I'm still slightly worried about the taste. I know that "green" smoothies will be extremely healthy for me, but I worry about not liking the taste and just restricting myself to fruit smoothies with lots of protein added. Does anyone have any suggestions for me starting this lifestyle change and trying to make green things tastier in a smoothie? :eat:
I got a powder from GNC that you just mix with milk and they have a ton of flavors. I'm lazy about making lunch for work so these come in really handy. When I get up for the day I can tell you the name. I've tried vanilla and mixed berry, both yummy. They aren't terribly expensive either.

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