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By littlegirl6715
So I am on Day 3 of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix and I'm just feeling unmotivated. I hurt everywhere and I am so tired. I want to get healthy and actually do this for myself, I'm just not finding much motivation these days.
Any suggestions?
How does everyone control their hunger. I wake up and eat oatmeal and an apple for breakfast, carrots for snack, sometime smallish like a chicken salad, and another small snack and then dinner usually is my protien shake because I work out around then. I'm usually awake for 18-20 hours a day and I just don't know how to stop the hunger pains.
Tips would be very much appreciated.
By ZeebsZag87
Hiiii. :) I used to study nutrition - but I'm no expert. Protein causes feelings of fullness (satiation). If you are up early, and eat right away (break-fast), then that's good. Maybe add a protein shake earlier than breakfast if not eating right away. If you do, then maybe wait an hour and add one then. Casein protein vs. whey protein may also help you. Casein is slow digesting (thicker in consistency) and helps a lot with supplying energy throughout the day - as well as not feeling hungry. Hope I could helps you. :) byyyye.
By littlegirl6715
Thanks you so much ZeebsZag87!! I really appreciate your response. I don't know what kind of protien that I drink, but I will definitely look into it!
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By Ctdad
Also keep portions small but make sure you eat 5-6 small meals a day and snack on carrots or celery whenever you start feeling hungry, the protein shakes can count as a meal
As for the soreness just alternate ice and heat, stretch, and maybe some ibuprofen. It's just going to take some time to get your body used to it
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By darlingbunny
I've found out that drinking a lot of water in between and before meals helps fill you up faster and longer. Peanut butter crackers, trail mix, fruit cups, and yogurt have also been a good snack for me in between lunch and dinner. I wish you well and hope this helps! :bye:
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