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What is your Ideal Little Day? if you could have any type of adventure with any person, what would you choose?

I'll start! My ideal little day would be waking up diapered in my pajamas and being cuddled and fed a yummy breakfast so that i could go to the zoo! I love the zoo and am so excited to see the animals. Id get changed into shorts and some cute overalls so i could go see the cute zoo animals! Id make lots of animal sounds and mimic the animal sounds to what i thought they sounded like. Mommy would treat me to some ice cream and id get some all over my face but its so yummy!

After that, wed go home and shed give me a bath! I love bubble baths and they are so much fun! Id get all soapy and shed dry me and put me back in my diapers and wed watch some cartoons. Id play while she made me dinner and itd be pasta because i LOVE PASTA! and after dinner wed cuddle andwatch shows until bedtime where id be changed into a fresh diaper before bed to start anew.

Does anyone else want to share their "Ideal little day"?
Awe, that sounds like such a lovely day. I don’t have a Big yet, so an ideal Little Day would be hanging out with other Littles. Watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating all the snacks. Hugging stuffies. Getting my hair braided.
Mine would be a nice, lazy day!

I’d make a big fort to relax in with lots of blankets and stuffies. Make sure to be in my comfiest pjs. Get a cute plate and have my favorite snacks laid out so I don’t have to get up. A big sip cup full of water on the side. I’d have my own little Disney movie marathon starting with Mulan and ending with Lilo & Stitch. Then binging some kpop videos. Probably falling asleep in my comfy fort with music videos in the background :stuffie: lol

Another ideal day would be if I had little friends. A little play date! I’d love a snuggle pile while we take turns watching each other’s favorite shows/movies! Maybe do some arts and crafts like bracelets or finger painting. We could have a cute tea party with drinks and cakes! Get dressed in our favorite outfits to be “fancy”. It would be an overall adorable hang out. ::3:
This is such a nice idea for a thread.

Dunno if I'd want to be by myself or with my partner. She's not a caregiver but she does understand me really well (if we're in a store with a toy aisle, she already knows we're taking a quick trip through it! Or she'll let me pick out a toy or candy if I've been "good" - which cracks me up because again she's not into it and she's teasing me a little but not in a mean way, she just says I'm cute) but she's also not into doing "kid" stuff.

Soooooooo I might just hang out by myself. I don't ever really get time that's just me and no one else in the space, so I'm rarely able to just relax as myself when I want to. It'd be nice to not have to be on edge the whole time.

The most fun thing would be, I think, make the same breakfast I always had as a kid when I'd get up before sunrise to watch cartoons on Saturdays (...honey nut cheerios and water, not very exciting but the thing was I got to pretend to be a puppy while I ate it...I did not use a spoon then and I don't now!) Then I'd try to find my favorite cartoons streaming somewhere (I always wished streaming services had some kind of randomized playlist feature where you could add a bunch of episodes, maybe from different shows, and let them play at random, like you were really watching TV back in my day! Probably not practical though.) Or oldschool Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers or Fraggle Rock, I guess it wouldn't have to be cartoons. A couch cushion fort would be ideal...alas my current sofa has attached cushions, so blanket nest it is!

I'd talk my partner into going to the zoo with me right before it opens and I'd pack lunches for us (she's vegan so I'd probably do peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat instead of my other little staples that involve meat or dairy, and I'd bring Chessman cookies for myself but idk if she can eat those, I don't think so, so we'd have to plan what else to bring her) so we could stay until it closed. In reality she probably wouldn't want to do that, but I'm not actually going to make her! I'd pick a day it wouldn't be too crowded so we could get right up close to everything and I could show her all my favorite animals. I mean they're all my favorites, but the red pandas and the snow leopards are my FAVORITES. And the sea lions, especially when it's feeding time. We'd go to the children's zoo cuz I know she likes petting and feeding the animals (I did when I was actually a kid but now I'm afraid of getting bit!) and they have a lot of fun educational things she could try ; she really likes sensory stuff and she didn't get to have a very fun childhood so I bet she'd like to try it now. Specially the speakers where you can hear things like you would if you were a fennec fox, cuz she really loves them. (Me too actually, they're so cute.) And I'd let her get something from the ice cream cart cuz food is her favorite and since this day is MY favorite things, I'll treat her to whatever she wants.

Unfortunately my body doesn't work all that well so we'd have to go home after that and it would probably end up being a race to see who fell asleep on the couch first. The one left awake would have to order dinner (I'm always the one awake so we're getting pizza! From the place I like! I love her but she has terrible taste in pizza.) Then while I was waiting for food to get here before I'd have to wake her up, I could take the time to look at books or color or play Animal Crossing and chill out a little. Being outside around people makes me tired. I need a lot of quiet after.

Then after dinner (we'd probably watch something we both like during! cuz it's not my perfect day if she's not having fun too! and god knows she wouldn't be having it at the zoo for six hours! but hey i mean it's still MY perfect day ;) ) maaaaaaaybe I'd talk her into reading to me and giving me snuggles. (She's kinda used to just having me cling to her all the time anyway. I can't help it, she's my favorite!)

Then at bedtime I would get to fall asleep first! Which isn't a thing you can choose I guess but I always fall asleep before she does and I have a hard time falling asleep when everyone else is asleep. I would either ask her to read to me more or put on the relaxation app I like (it has a meditation about cats on a marina and tells about the kitties! It's really cute.) Usually I like to sleep with the TV on but if I get to fall asleep to her being awake I wouldn't need it. I don't get to see her very much cuz of stupid covid so mostly that's all I want.
My ideal little day would be when I gets to be waken up by my daddy with him kissing all over me. Then he would pick me up and carry me around and bring me into the bathroom and run me a hot bath, then he would undress me and set me down and bathe me. Then he would dress me up in a pretty outfit, and we would make breakfast together and I'd be his little helper! I'd mix things for him while he makes me my favorite breakfast, which is french toast, pancakes, eggs with cheese and ketchup, sausage, and apple juice! Then after that, we would cuddle on da couch and watch bluey as he brushes my hair and gives me a shoulder massage for a while cuz thats my favorite show to watch anyway hehe. Den we would go out and to da park! He would swing me on da swings and help me with da monkey bars (is already had to reach, being 4'6). Then after da park, we would go to da mall and find me some cute clothes and toys to buy. Then after that he would take me to my favorite restaurant (it's a sushi restaurant) and we would order anything we wanted. Then after we ate, we would go to see da animals at da local pet shelter, and maybe he would let me adopt a puppy! Then we would go home and cuddle and watch movies and sometimes I would curl up in his lap when he plays his video games. Then we would eat a yummy dinner, hopefully it being enchiladas or spaghetti. Then he would help me get undressed and ready for bed. Then we would cuddle until I fall asleep in his arms.

That is my ideal little day!
Okay I wish I'd thought of adopting a puppy...! It's so cool that you're 4'6 (although I guess it gets annoying when you gotta reach the high shelves, my partner is 5'2 and I'm 5'7 so I'm the one who gets things down!) though I'm jealous of people who are small and cute in real life. My partner says "well you're tall and cute" which is nice but...of course she doesn't understand cuz she gets to be little and cute! LOL
My perfect day little day would contain lots of hot chocolate (melted 70% chocolate, cocoa powder, a little sugar and some hot milk. It’s rich and fills you up, but oh so good!), a lion onesie, my lion teddy, blanket, and lots and lots and lots of cuddles.
It would be a day when I get to be little the whole day so I wouldn’t have to think about anything big, like what to make for dinner or making it, cleaning, planning or other practical, adulty things adults with kids need to do. I want to be able to relax into little space without worry about having to be big within a seconds notice!
IF I get bored, I would do some craft or make a puzzle or maybe my cg could read one of my favourite books.
My cg would put me to nap and when I woke up I would have fried noodles and veggie mini spring rolls.
If I could have an ideal little day....I would wear something cute and pink, with my paci and stuffies and blankets, I would be with someone who loved taking care of small me and watch lots of Disney shows. I would color and be read to. I would be cuddled alllll dayyyy and would have someone remind me I am too little to do some things. My food would be fun shapes and I would drink juice in a sippie cup until my tummy hurts. I would take a bubble bath with bath toys and someone to wash my hair for me. I would play pretend with my toys and make a fort. Oh, and don't forget the naps and candy.
My ideal Little day would be going back to Florida. I miss Florida. Or maybe Cali Disney? I've never been there but I'm prettty sure Kissimmee's Florida is way bigger than Cali's but I could be wrong. I don't know if I'd wanna go with anybody. I'm not really attracted to many people so I'd probably be by myself. BUT I'd probably bring a new doll I got or a stuffed animal I love.

Also, it would be so cool if I could go to a Zoo. I never been to a Zoo and I really wanna go to see alllll the animals. And maybe even go to a horse ranch! So I can FINALLY ride a horsie! I wanna ride a horsie so bad. T^T And theennnn to Build a Bear! Or maybe a physical Squishimal store somewhere? And a Sanrio STORE!

Ooo if I lived in Japan my ideal Little Day would also be going to Sanrio World. Oh my god I would die if I could go there. It's soooo freaaaaaking cooool! :craze: And oh my god a physical Pokemon Center store! AAHHHH! I would buy so many Pokemon stuffies tho oh my god. I wouldn't have nowhere to put em XS :nodyes:
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