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By JadeyBear19
I’m looking to really start exploring my little side and figure out what I like, but I’ve been having trouble getting ideas of what stuff to buy besides the basics like diapers and bottles. Unfortunately I don’t have a caregiver and I’m a newbie little (2-4yrs play age) so I’m looking for help and ideas on things to buy and try out pwease! Any advice is appreciated! Even if you just let me know the little things you’ve got or enjoy. Tank you!
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By Gabster
I can give you some ideas based off what I like and what others have said they liked:
1. Baby blanket (soft and fun to hold) or stuffed animal
2. Rattles
3. Baby lotion for smell
4. Pacifier
5. Dolls (Barbies, monster high)
6. Imaginative play toys like fake food or dress clothes
7. Adult onesie (mine is a bunny )
8. Coloring books and coloring supplies
9. Hair bows for pig tails or headbands
10. Finger foods to get you into the little head space (cut up fruits, sandwiches or mac and cheese etc.)

Hope this helps ❤
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By CosmicMatty
Heeey same little age range as me, which is from 2-4 years old ^^ BUT I know all sorts of thingys you can get to help with feeling all little an such! Basics you got already is a great start! Diapers an bottles are really good little things. Especially diapers which like helps me in a big way to ease into my little state of mind. But other things you can get can be lil toys from the toy section of your local store. Go crazy an get whatever your lil heart desires ^^ Maybe even toys that you used to have/ played with when you were actually little! Can dramatically help getting ya into your littlespace. Stuffed animals are a great toy to always get! Can give them special names, give em snugs, talk to them an even chat with em in a little voice even. No need to be shy doing that because I heard stuffies love littles : o Also sleep with them an they are basically your lil fuzzy friend forever! Coloring books and crayons are great too. Heck could get glitter an glue aswell an make all the super pretty pictures ^^

Can also go thinking about other rooms too that you can do special little stuff in. Such as the bathroom which you can get lil rubber bath toys, bubbles, an also neat cool bath bombs to make a bath having ya feel ultra relax an all smol. Can get lil kid themed toothbrushes and even kid flavored toothpaste. The bedroom you can get night lights. Not just bland boring night lights....can like get silly cartoony night lights! Like on amazon I seen this very adorable chibi puppy night light. Get lil story books for nini time an can be all like trying to sound out words to your stuffie or maybe if you ever got a caretaker one day it be good to have those books because you could have them read ya all the story books before bedie bye!

Clothing is another thing can look at! There is abdl sites that sells quality adult diapers that have very very cute babyish prints on em. Some big ones I know is Tykables and ABUnivers. Can also find babyish themed clothes made for adults! Can find these on Tykables, ABUniverse, amazon and etsy. Footie pajamas too! An yes there is adult size footie jammies an let me tell you being diapered and in a pair of footie jammies is the most snug thing ever _//_ Baby style onesies. Like the ones with the snaps at the bottom! Those can be bought from multiple areas an are so cute an snug ^^ Overalls is good little outfit too an seen some being sold on etsy.

NOW! I bestow links to Adult diaper sites an other bab related thing you can look towards!
https://us.abuniverse.com/ < ABU
https://tykables.com/ <Tykables
https://footedpajamas.com/collections/a ... ed-pajamas <Footie Pajamas
https://www.northshorecare.com/ <Adult diaper site
https://www.etsy.com/ <Etsy website (Just type in ABDL in search bar an will see all sorts of little things being sold ^^ Seen there alot of clothes on there which is neat!)
https://pacifiersrus.com/ <Site for adult pacifiers

I hope I was helpful to your question ^w^ :splode:

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