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Hi! I really wanna get myself a paci--what it looks like isn't super important--but I really only have enough money for one, and I want something that fits really good in my mouth. Since I can't shop around, I thought I'd ask here to see what y'all have bought and what you like about them. For reference, I used to suck my thumb as a kid, so that's kind of the feeling I'm going for, I just don't wanna have a callus on my thumb like I used to.

I'm pretty much copying and pasting this from my other site post, so don't be alarmed! I'd really appreciate some advice :)
Pretty much anything that comes up from the search "Adult Pacifier" will do. They're all pretty much cheap Chinese knock-offs of one another, so the sizing is all very similar.

Aliexpress has the cheapest prices for those, you could even score some for $1:


Etsy $6:

Etsy seller

eBay $3:

eBay seller

Most of these cheap things have a seam on the silicone that’s pretty irritating if you use it frequently. It’s our opinion that they’re photo props and then pretty much garbage. Still, they’re cheap, all pretty much the same, and littered all over little shops online.

Our suggestions for decent adult pacifiers are here, but be aware the quality matches the higher price tag. You get what you pay for so if you can only spare ~$5 then you can’t really expect too much.

Our favorites in our collection are from PacifiersRUs / AdultPacifier. Again, those aren’t cheap but are well worth the investment.
I can definitely pay a little more, that's not the problem--what I meant by can't afford is that if I get too many packages, my family will get curious and this isn't something I can talk about with them.

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