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I wanna find a tail (either kitten or pup but really any tail is fine) that is long enough i can chew/bite the end. I'm gonna put a squeaker in the end somehow.

anyone know of anything like this that won't totally break the bank?
I’m not sure if you have already but Etsy has some listings of fursona tails that touch and drag the floor that would probably be long enough:


You can always contact a few shop owners and ask directly if you’d like something longer than they currently have available.

Also, I’m not sure if you’ve considered this but to comfortable be able to chew on a tail then the tail probably does need to be floor length or with a dramatic curve (that is formed by wire to keep shape).
I’m not sure that you will realistically actually want to put that in your mouth then if it isn’t curved. It’s just a thought about hygiene that I had and wasn’t sure if you had considered yet.
Hi there! As admin said, there are lots of sellers on Etsy that do stuff like that! I recently just bought a tail myself that I believe is 35 inches. It's super long. I don't think I can get it in my mouth, but it's definitely long enough for me to snuggle up with. I'm not sure if the seller I went through would be selling the types of tails you would want (I admit mine is of the twisty variety, just so I didn't have to wear a belt) but I know there are lots of sellers that do customs, and could probably even put a squeaker in there for you! Mine cost about $130, just to kinda give your a rough idea. I hope you find something!

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