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Hi hi.

So I have 4 of these lil "mystery" toys called Baby Secrets that I bought to see if I'd like- tl;dr, they're not really my kinda thing.
I have already opened them. But they're in perfect condition. ^.^
They're smol, about 2 inches. And it's only the 4 highlighted in the photo below.
Would prefer to send them all to the one person, because postage cost.


I'm also thinking about sending out stickers to people.

But it might not happen til mid Jan or Feb, just a heads up.
In my case, as someone who's always been interested in things that required financial dependency (from cosplaying, to fashion, and much more obviously) I simply had to wait until I was an adult to really be able to invest in what I loved. Admittedly, I did and said things to get my way from people from time to time before I was an adult, which is how I've managed to own a couple things that I don't have too much of interests in anymore. Thankfully it's only a small percentage of the things I love that I've earned in honesty.

Only recently have I been able to invest in my little space, and it's been a little easier than not. I only make so much money, and as I said I've been lucky to collect the goodies that I have, from stuffies to accessories. Of course the best place to get little items is any local dollar store/99 cent store. From bath bombs to bottles there are many things you can get and modify for adult use as a little. In fact, I left an irritated review from one of the first Etsy seller's I worked with, as she sent me a deco'd baby bottle that I walk in and still see at my local dollar tree, among many other items that go along with it. Granted it was for the work of her making the bottle cute, but as an artist myself, I can do that AND more for less of my money, thanks. As for what I've gotten at my dollar tree for little space, I've gotten hair and makeup supplies, bath bombs and bubbles, detangler for my hair, warm fuzzy socks, bottles, sippy cups, kids plates and snack containers (which all can match), stickers, coloring books, and plenty more can be found.

As for onesies and pacifiers, these are items obviously harder to attain and even invest in. Personally, I don't like to order from Wish anymore due to how long it takes for shipping to arrive (which only gives it the chances of you never receiving your item(s) in the first place, which has happened a few times now), and for the fact that you can't get away with getting free shipping on Wish in the first place. I always end up spending less on eBay compared to Wish, because you can usually get away without paying for shipping at all with eBay. Along with that note, it's safer on eBay as well. Wish only has a 30 day money back policy, so if your item ends up taking more than month to get to your house, tough snailpoop. Not only that, but what details do Wish items provide you with? Practically nothing, with eBay sellers are good enough to provide details about exactly what you're getting, so you can really make sure how big that onesie is, or how small that stuffie really will be. Oh yeah, and eBay provides actual tracking for the most part as well.

I recently ordered my first onesies from eBay, and it was easier than I imagined. I got my first two from Padded Bums (for whatever reason they aren't active on eBay anymore, but they're active on their site, and they're even cheaper on there!) and they were better than I imagined. My first one I got in an XL and it was way too big, but my senpai was helpful enough to hem one of the crotch pieces shorter. The next one I got in a large, and it was perfect. The third I ordered from dbABDLstore (yet another seller that went inactive, which is a shame, but they have a tumblr!) which instead of being plain colored like my last two, this one has a second color for it's outlining and it have three pastel ruffles in the back! I only spent $30 for this onesie, yes, it had free shipping. My plain ones were only $22 each, but the second one I ordered had 5% taken off for it! Free shipping for these as well! For the two pacifiers I own, I simply looked for north american sellers and free shipping. Bigshields are a little pricier, but generally you can get them for under ten dollars with free shipping. MyLilKinkBoutique is a fantastic eBay seller, and she sells pacifiers, paci clips, deco'd pacis, and even handmade onesies! Expect to pay over $30 in the least for her onesies, but I plan to get a couple one of these days, they're so nice!

I know this doesn't really add to the convo about the idea of a little hand-me-down giveaway idea, but I felt it was appropriate to try and help those who are like me and are always looking for inexpensive ways to be small.

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