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I got my box of little stuff a few days ago. And it made me so happy and excited to get it. I got some stuffies and stickers and my very first sippy cup. As a disadvantaged little it made me so happy to get a little box from someone on here. So I think it's worth looking at all the logistics and figuring it out because it definitely made my day getting a box from someone on here. So cool.
I am also in a finatual struggle and would love to see this idea come true but for some of us Little’s we are in more than a finatual struggle like me I can’t get the thing I want because I still live with my bio parents and they don’t know I’m a little and I don’t think I will tell them until I’m out of there House the idea is a really great one and it should come to no surprise that many others think so as well
Aww, I'm sorry to hear all of that.
I found out 'bout ddlg/abdl after I'd already been living outta 'home' for about 5yrs, so I'm lucky.

Hopefully when you move out you can participate and get some cutie stuffs sent to you later on. ^-^
Just hang in there. 'Cause once you move out, you won't even know yourself :D You'll have so much freedom.
I really really think what you are doing or trying to do is a great idea.
As a "disadvantaged little", I think it is a really amazing thing that there are people out there willing to care this much and who have such warm hearts.
I know that I constantly wish I has a really nice daddy or mommy. My situation right now in my adult life is rough. Medical bills and tests are draining me without being able to drive myself or work. I am constantly looking online for cheap pacifiers or sippys. But I think I gave up long ago.
Good luck on everything. I hope that this works out really well so that others might benefit from it. And thanks again for thinking about us. <3 You are truly a good soul.

I'm very sorry to hear you're in a rough patch, I know the feeling (constantly in and out of that kinda pickle).

Thank you for your post :heart:
Hopefully somebody might see this and be able to help you out. I will ask someone about pacies- if they're willing to help, you might get a msg from them or a response here (up to them ^^).

Keep your chin up. :heart: There are plenty of lovely people around.
I really like the idea! Being one of those Littles that doesn't have a Mommy or Daddy and not even a job right now... I can't get anything to help me be little at all. I am rather new to all this and only gots 3 stuffies and thats it! So the thought that someone would want to help really makes me smile.
@PrincessBoy2 You're very welcome.
The person I was speaking of said she's planning to decorate the pacies that she had spare.
So if you would like a decorated one? (I don't know much other than that- whether she'll be selling them or what).

Otherwise hold out, someone else might see and be able to help. :heart:

Don't lose hope. ^.^
I know how it feels not to have enough money for pacis and stuffies and more but I have found that wish has some really cheap stuffies and pacis like the blue undetailed paci I have was only about $1 plus a few dollars for shipping. the only trouble I have with Wish is the fact that it takes 2-4 weeks just for stuff to come in. other than that small issue there was no troubles for me. P.S. I found a Chome extension and it uses coupons on my checkout ( if I bought qualifying items) to get me anywhere from a few dollars to 20+ dollars off my order depending on what I buy. The extension is called Honey.

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