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@Fathom lol xD
Yeah, walk 3 steps, hop to the left-- IT'S JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT! AND THEN A STEP TO THE RII-IIII-IIIGHT!

I don't know. I wasn't personally looking to be in charge of it, I was originally posting asking if anyone else knew where such a thing already exists or takes place. ^^
But if the admin were like "well we don't wanna have to be in charge of it, so one of you has to do it" I guess I could.

I think the biggest problem could be mailing items IRL to peoples' home addresses or personal PO boxes.
Because not everyone is 'out' about being in the community. And that feels like a really big potential for confidentiality breaching.
Unless I was a hub for all items to be sent to first, then I repost them out to the people.
So only one person sees addresses.
I'm not an authority official or whatever, but I'm used to holding confidential information to myself from my jerb.
(Am a trained healthcare professional)

IDK but it just feels like a such a nice thing overall. And I like doing nice things for people. :3 Everyone deserves to have something they can feel happy about guilt-free.
Another option would be to create a little space eBay page. That would give a percentage of sales to the site.
And since it's eBay and PayPal it's cleaner.
Time warping....... Pelvic thrust...... Oh wait were we doing the hokey pokey?
Rocky Horror Picture Show izz da bestest.
I am a trained professional Nile... Too.
5 years of Hospice ( loved it)
And now a fully fledged secret squirrel for work.
So let's talk it out and make this so.
If someone has a need it can still be addressed through an eBay page with a buy it now invoice for a penny. Shipping would have to be paid though.
Your thoughts?
I giveth mine... Vs given...
Enough characters yet?????
Holy crap!
Making an ebay page to donate items to, to sell to other peeps for cheap, to help pay for the site- that's an amazing idea!
I think maybe if the buyer just pays for the postage if the actual item prices are gonna be kinda low, that could work. It sounds reasonable enough.

But m still not entirely sure how it'd run. Like who would make sure things get shipped out etc.
Although I know you can make private listings on Ebay, so maybe we could only give the PW to site members?

Idk. I feel like this should go through admin first. ^-^ Cuz if it's anything to with the site, they needa give a go-ahead first I feels. And I am feeling like throwing up just at the idea of talking to admin. Because authority makes me nervous. ^___^ *holds back my voms* Not even kidding.

I'm likin' the brainstorming you have going on :D
I will talk to them tonight. And if they say no way than we have to think of something else.
No urrping puuhleeez.
I will try to copy the thread and email it as a link.
It would be really cool to do.
Not sure how practical..... Oh crap now I want to watch practical magic and Rocky horror picture show! I have my Thanksgiving binge planned at least.
I have some things my little left behind when she left, it would be great for someone else to love them.
So let's see how it goes and if this is enough characters???

I have the same concern :3
Where I am, if you're sending international you have to put your real name and address as the sender as well.

It's quite a pickle. ^^
Then again it could just be done via a specific forum post, where people can post pics of things they're looking to give away to some lucky Little.
Then the two ppl involved can PM each other and figure it out.

Idk. Security, safety and confidentiality are the main issues.

But doing it to be able to support the site sounds like such a good idea. :3
Hi! I have not heard back from the admin yet. Being holiday time it may be next week.
I think we could figure out the logistics of it.
I understand the safety and security issues.
I know I have been buying from eBay for a very long time. I've never had an issue unless it was an unshipped item. PayPal steps in and refunds the sale if there is a fraud or issue.
Wouldn't the world be awesome if we could trust people and their word?
International shipments can be very expensive.
Heck even a large flat rate box at the post office is almost$20 now.
If this is not possible to do maybe someone else will have the perfect idea?

idfk anymore, lol

The buyer should be the one to pay for postage.
And I'm pretty sure when you fill out a listing you can set which countries can purchase it.
So then there's no international post, because it might be possible to be direct the listing only to US, Aus, UK etc.

I mean if the person donating their item is also in a position to pay postage on behalf of the buyer- then by all means go ahead. I'm personally not though.

Like I said, I wasn't looking to set this kinda thing up. I was originally just inquiring as to where such a thing already existed- as I assumed it would. ^^ It's becoming clear to me why it doesn't though, lol

That doesn't mean I don't think it's still a good idea.
Golly gosh wow....
How can we uncomplicate?
I like the admins idea of a raffle using sweets points. But it will still come down to a point where things have to be sent in the mail.
Someone would have to have the time and energy to do an eBay posting. Or use the eBay drop off service.
One of the littles I spoke with shops second hand stores for homeless stuuffies.
I would love to figure out a way to do it so the site can generate income even small to pay for upgrades and features that all cost money anyway. And I would love to see a little getting something they would adore if finances are limited.
Just has to be a safe uncomplicated way of doing it.. some how. Some way..

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