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I had a quick search under various titles on here and didn't see any results.

So I was just curious-
Does anyone know of a group somewhere online where Littles who either don't have a Mommy/Daddy/CG and maybe aren't in a good financial situation to get cute things, can go to adopt old plushies or get blankies, onesies, games, decor, dresses and all that jazz.

It sounds like an amazing idea.
But I can also see the cons to it- #1 being dishonesty. People saying they're in an unfortunate situation when they're really not, they just want free shizz. And I mean, how do you prove that? You basically can't.

I know some Littles aren't in a position to buy random cute crud all the time, and those items are very much considered a luxury.
All I wanna do is buy them ALL the things! But I'm not in a good situation myself... My heart just thinks I am ^^ lol

Sending 2nd hand, or even new stuff you decide you're not as in love with, to Littles who are unable to create the space and atmosphere that helps them be who they are inside, sounds like a rly good use for those things to me. :3

I just have no idea how to leaf out the bad peeps who're there to take advantage of a kind gesture.
This is something that is a good idea but I don't think would ever work. I myself am doing some exchanges with other littles and 2 out of 3 of them have just disappeared. An alternative to your idea that you might want to could work is maybe littles posting there older items up for sale for cheap. Sometimes people do offer stuff for free but rarely.
Yeah, I totally agree. It's a little unrealistic (no pun intended).

I'd thought about that too- Littles selling old or unwanted toys for cheap, like a Little-aimed thrift store.
The only trouble I find with that is almost the same thing, meaning Littles who just want things for the sake of wanting them; whom might otherwise be able to afford newer stuff (or their CGs can) and kinda robbing the less financially supported ones from the opportunity to have these things for themselves.

That doesn't mean that I think all Littles who AREN'T in a bit of a pickle have that mindset. I just know what it's like to see cute stuff and be like "well I can get it, so I will". There are millions of people on the interwebs, it's impossible to judge anyone's character just from a few conversations here and there. ^^

I guess I just wish there was somewhere for that kinda exchange. Like a well guided, regulated place. ^^

I myself am waaaay too trusting of people to be able to conduct that kinda thing. lol :"3
I think that's just a risk that would need to be taken. If you want you can discuss with admin about it. But people don't use the buy/sell/trade part of the forums that much so I'm not really sure that there is much of a demand for this. People could sell their extra stuff for relatively cheap. I order my pacis in 3 or 4 packs so I usually have a few unopened ones that I would be willing to sell. And I think I have some small little things that I wouldn't mind getting rid of.
I definitely do think it would be interesting. I myself am in a financial crunch. I'm near homelessness. As someone though who is disadvantaged this piques my interest but at the same time it brings a sense of guilt because I keep thinking how can I want any little stuff right now. That's too frivolous etc. but anyways just saw this idea and think it's a cool idea.
@Hopeisreal I have a bunch of little stuff that I'm trying to get rid of if you are interested! I would send it to you for free. I just want want to get rid of it. I have stuffed animals, books, tiaras, bunny ears/tail, clips, stickers. I also have a pink choker necklace that says "Daddy's girl" and a few "naughty" items as well.
@Estella57 oh my gosh that would be so great. I would really appreciate that and like that. Thank you so much. Since I'm so new the little thing I have very few things that are little. And because of my circumstances right now I'm not able to get anything at all. So it would be great to get some things. Again thank you so much.
Maybe we could get the admin to put a barter board up for people needing to purge stuff on? And there will always be people trying to get things that don't need it as much as others do. But Karma comes around.
I like your idea! Sounds fun.
Just need some safe guidelines on how to do it

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