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By kittylizzytt
I wanna do a surprise exchange with another little. Not anything big just like 3-5 small things.
-you can say a few things that you don't want to be sent (like if you have an allergy, don't want to get diapers, don't want to get a pacifier, etc)
-make it fun
-it can be candy
-it doesn't have to be a surprise if you don't want it to be, like if you really want to make sure that it's equal we can talk about what we are planning on sending
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By BittyBaby2
That sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I would like doing that with another little as well! I think surprises are a lot of fun and I think that by having it be a "little" surprise makes it that much better! Maybe we can PM and we can do an exchange? Just a thought! Let me know what you think! Great idea by the way!
Oooooooooooooooooh!!!!! That would be super super super fun!!! Surprises are the absolute best and I also love givin people stuff hehe :p I would totally totally totally times a million do this also oh my goodness oh my goodness this is such a good idea!!!!
I would love to do this. I already have some cool ideas of what to send and maybe some things I could create and stuff like that. this is one of the best ideas that someone could have for us littles. Maybe we could do like a secret Santa thing where one of us hosts this exchange and we get a bunch of littles and the host little/daddy pairs us with a person and all of us littles put in like a group chat what we don't want and then what we do revolves around the do not list and we have like a rule 3-5 items with the items total not equaling over a certain amount that way it's all even.

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